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Bruno Graizzaro

Bruno Graizzaro was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 12 years ago at the age of 50.  He remembers how his father and grandmother lived with the horrible complications of unchecked and untreated diabetes. “My family is a great motivator for me to stay healthy,” he said. “I often think about what they would do without me.”

His physician at the UMass Diabetes Center of Excellence, David M. Harlan, MD, said “When I met Bruno, in February 2017, he was taking 100 units of insulin each day with suboptimal glycemia control.  His weight had crept to almost 300 pounds.  With several lifestyle modifications over the past 18 months, he has lost more than 50 pounds, has come off insulin and off of other diabetes medications, and now has great blood glucose control."  

Bruno also sleeps better now, has more energy and is hardly recognizable from the man that first walked into the DCOE clinic.  “Knowledge is king,” he says. 

Moderate exercise and cutting back on carbohydrates has allowed him to remain vigilant in fighting the disease.  “If you desperately want Mom’s apple pie, go ahead and have it.  Just don’t combine it with a plate of French fries and a large soda,” Bruno said with a smile.” 

He recommends people with diabetes test their blood sugar often, weigh themselves regularly and limit the amount of carbs they eat.  “Do not think you are a failure if you have a bad day. Just get back to it.”

Bruno loves that Dr. Harlan listens to his patients and works with them instead of dictating to them, when it comes to diabetes management. “Besides his overall intelligence, Dr. Harlan is an extremely compassionate person,” he says.  “I genuinely feel that he cares that I succeed.”

Bruno stressed that people living with diabetes must keep fighting, never give up and listen to their test results. “It is a quiet disease, but your tests will always tell you how you are doing.” 

Making lifestyle changes with diet and exercise has improved his life and hopefully will inspire and motivate others to succeed as well.

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