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RNA Therapeutics Institute

Albert Sherman Center

Who we are 

The RTI was founded in 2009 and became an academic department in 2016, chaired by Phillip D. Zamore, Ph.D. The RTI is dedicated to leveraging the strong RNA biology and clinical research communities at UMMS to develop novel therapies for which RNA is the therapeutic target or modality.  The RNA Therapeutics Institute faculty are recognized as scientific trailblazers, and include a Nobel Laureate, a Gairdner Prize recipient, the 2018 RNA Society early and mid-career award recipients, and two Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigators.

The RTI comprises a key component of the UMMS Advanced Therapeutics Cluster, which also includes the Neurotherapeutics Institute and the Gene Therapy Center. The Neurotherapeutics Institute is co-directed by RTI faculty members Melissa Moore, Ph.D., and Neil Aronin, M.D., along with Robert Brown, M.D., D. Phil., who chairs the Department of Neurology. The RTI’s close affiliation with the Neurotherapeutics Institute and the Gene Therapy Center provides an unparalleled intellectual environment in which to accomplish the common goal of developing novel therapeutics.

What we do

By interweaving basic and applied nucleic acid scientists with clinicians dedicated to finding new cures, our goal is to create a new paradigm for organizing molecular research that enables the rapid application of new biological discoveries to solutions for unmet challenges in human health.

By uniting researchers studying the fundamental biology and mechanisms of cellular RNAs with those working to devise human therapies using or targeting nucleic acids, the RTI represents a new model for scientific exploration.

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