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Immigration Check-in Appointments
Pre-employment individual check-in appointments will be scheduled with an immigration specialists prior to your arrival based upon your UMMS appointment/affiliation. There may be situations where arrangements for appointments may be made upon your arrival. Please bring your passport and immigration documents to the Immigration Orientation.  

Immigration Orientation
Immigration Orientation is held for certain non-immigrant visa holders. The Orientation will provide you with information on your responsibilities as a non-immigrant visa holder including review of your documents, travel, employment issues, health insurance, tax requirements and other information that will help you with your adjustment to life in Worcester.

Other Orientation Sessions and Appointments
There are other orientation sessions that provide you more detailed information based on your specific situation. You may be required to attend a Human Resources Orientation for benefits-eligible and non-benefits eligible employees, a Graduate student Orientation or special orientations for Graduate Medical Education Residents/Fellows. These sessions will be scheduled as appropriate.

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