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David Blodgett, PhD


David is unique among UMass Memorial Diabetes Center of Excellence patients. He has a PhD in Biomedical Sciences, is a faculty member at Babson College and a research scientist at the UMass Medical School. His journey began as a child diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age of 3. Today he's a happy and healthy adult who focuses his scientific career on finding the cure for diabetes.

“I don’t remember not having diabetes,” said David said. He perceives it as a disease that can be managed and controlled if people "stay on top of it."  He remembers the old diabetes technology of test strips and early blood glucose meters. That's why David is a big fan of the newest diabetes technology, especially the latest insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors (CGM) which “make it easier to predict what's going to happen and to know what is currently happening.”

David has worn a insulin pump since middle school and progressively took more control of his diabetes, his eating habits and especially his athletic endeavors. He never felt deprived of sports, travel and fun activities as a child and he certainly doesn’t feel that way today.


Dr. Blodgett focuses his research energy on studying pancreatic beta cells and what makes them different. His work in The Harlan Lab is instrumental to the break-through scientific discoveries being made at the UMass Diabetes Center of Excellence.

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