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Pathways of Promise




Research: A Better Future

UMass Medical School is home to some of the medical world’s preeminent researchers. Working closely together in our uniquely collaborative environment, they seek to identify and develop solutions to devastating ailments—from heart disease to ALS. Their efforts have the potential to create a better future for all.

The Pathways of Promise campaign supports investments in these outstanding scholars across four areas—neuroscience, RNA therapeutics, precision medicine and host defense—that represent both existing strengths of the School and promising frontiers for combating disease. Donor support for these endeavors will create new opportunities for investigation and provide renewed funding for ongoing efforts, bringing us closer to cures and treatments that will change lives the world over.   GOAL: $185,000,000   Read our strategy.   

Teaching & Learning: New Tools, New Techniques

New technologies and digital tools continue to transform the face of medicine and enable more effective approaches to patient care. To prepare our students to succeed, we must invest in advanced educational tools and equipment that reflect those they will use in real-world settings. We must develop innovative coursework that inspires them to adopt a mindset of collaboration and lifelong learning. And we must ensure that they are confident in their ability to use these tools to make critical decisions that benefit their patients.

Through the Pathways of Promise campaign, we will expand our technological infrastructure, enhance our curriculum, and develop new opportunities to learn and collaborate across disciplines. Additionally, support for scholarships will help us continue to attract exceptionally qualified students who possess a lasting determination to make a positive, tangible difference in our communities. These investments will keep UMass Medical School at the forefront of compassionate care, and help us produce care providers who deliver on that promise.   GOAL: $25,000,000   Read our strategy.

teaching & learning

Community & Global Health: Care in Context

We have recently witnessed a considerable growth in noncommunicable diseases worldwide, along with new communicable diseases that have devastating consequences. From obesity and diabetes to the Ebola and Zika viruses, we know that effective responses to epidemic medical conditions must combine deep knowledge of the illness with a broad understanding of the epidemiological context in which it occurs.

Generating long-term solutions that reflect the realities of the populations and communities served by tomorrow’s health care providers requires strategic investments in new programs and collaborations. The Pathways of Promise campaign supports the creation of an institute focused on population health that will connect basic scientists with caregivers in the field, breaking down barriers between research and implementation. By combining our robust basic research foundation with a clinical care orientation, we will be even better positioned to confront widespread health issues as far afield as India, Brazil and Liberia—as well as in our hometown of Worcester and throughout the commonwealth.   GOAL: $40,000,000 Read our strategy for global health.


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