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PQHS GRATITUDE BOARD - Reasons why we are grateful to work in PQHS

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  • "The honor of working with colleagues who are intellectually stimulating
    and have a strong focus on social justice."

  • "I am grateful to work for a department that values their employees and wants them to be happy in their positions and have a good quality of life."

  • "I am grateful and so appreciative of the warmth and sense of humor that our PQHS colleagues express in our daily communications."

  • "I am grateful to work with colleagues who are doing real-world research and partnering with our local communities to improve the lives of its residents in a real and tangible way."

  • "While my role is focused on a few key tasks, our workplace environment allows it to have a ripple effect to support a bigger picture which hopefully makes a positive difference on how we interact and treat one another in the world."

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