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Some of Our Current Type 1 Diabetes Research Includes

Specialized Mouse Avatars for Type 1 Diabetes

Reconstructing human type 1 diabetes (T1D), using cells derived from T1D patients, in our novel immunodeficient mouse.  It provides a better understanding about how humans might react to certain factors.

Use of Specialized Mouse Models to Determine the Role of Costimulation Pathway Reagents in Human Immune Cells In Vivo

Assessing the role of human T cell costimulation pathway reagents in vivo using our unique specialized mouse models. 

Development and Validation of Novel Mouse Models for Human Stem Cell Therapy

Working to generate new models of immunodeficient mice for the functional in vivo evaluation of human stem cells and to validate these models by determining the ability of human stem cells to generate functional differentiated human cells and tissues that ameliorate disease.

Testing Islet Encapsulation Therapy Devices

Encapsulation devices have been developed by various companies & organizations as a potential form of cell transplantation. Some have been tested in our humanized mice to assess their viability and function of encapsulating human islets containing insulin producing beta cells, in vivo, while protecting them from autoimmune attack. One example was a collaboration with JDRF Research and Lockheed Martin.

From New Models to Novel Therapeutics

Dr. Brehm and Dale Greiner, PhD are co-directors of a pre-clinical/co-clinical core to advance development and use of models of human specific diseases at UMass Chan Medical School.  The Core is working with The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) Precision Genetics Center (JPGC) promoting interactions with clinicians and hospitals, access to patient data and samples and comprehensive model assessment necessary for generation of models engrafted with human tumors and immune systems for preclinical testing.

Modeling Human Tumor Immunotherapy in NSG Mice


Dale Greiner & Michael Brehm with Leonard Schultz of The Jackson Laboratory
Michael Brehm Type 1 Diabetes Research

In above video Drs. Harlan & Brehm describe the JDRF Center of Excellence in New England research collaborative

Researcher Spotlight: Sushobhana Bandyopadhyay, PhD

Sushobhana Bandyopadhyay UMass Diabetes

In this video Dr. Bandyopadhyay explains how the Brehm Lab is studying human cells to better understand the autoimmune attack that occurs in people with Type 1 diabetes