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Jason K. Kim, Ph.D. 
Professor of Molecular Medicine 
Professor of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes 
508-856-6840 (phone) 
508-856-4177 (fax)

Administrative Coordinator

Elana Hastings
508-856-6840 (phone)
508-856-4177 (fax)

Lab Photo

University of Massachussetts
368 Plantation Street
The Albert Sherman Center 
9th Floor West, Suite 1046
Worcester, MA 01605

Additional Contacts:

Laboratory Manager

Xiaodi Hu
508-856-4312 (phone)
508-856-4177 (fax)

Import/Export Coordinator

Valerie Romer
508-856-8084 (phone)
508-856-1332 (fax)

Licensing Associate

Dianne M. Volpe
Office of Technology Management
508-856-6639 (phone)
508-856-1482 (fax)

Administrative Manager

Susanna Perkins, 
Research Core Administration
508-856-8255 (phone)
508-856-1633 (fax)

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