Overview of Services

Immigration Services is your resource for immigration matters and the University's liaison with U.S. federal agencies that are concerned with issues related to international students and employees who are working or studying here. We provide support and advising services to UMMS's international student and employee community, as well as to the academic and research deparments who host them. Please find a more specific breakdown of our services below:

Services per visa type - Permanent Residency Applications - Tax Treaty Immigration Orientation & Seminars - Miscellaneous

Services per visa type


Visa Type Overview of Tasks per Visa Type
 E-3 Visa processing, travel guidance
 F-1 Visa processing, Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) maintenance & OPT coordination, assistance for transfers to/from UMMS, travel guidance
J-1 Research Visa processing, Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) maintenance, assistance for transfers to/from UMMS, travel guidance
J-1 Clinical Visa processing and annual renewals, program liaison with ECFMG, travel guidance
H-1B  Visa processing for research and clinical employees, renewals and transfers to/from UMMS, travel guidance
O-1 Work closely with designated immigration attorney, sign related documents on behalf of UMMS, travel guidance
TN Visa processing (when appropriate), travel guidance


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Permanent Residency Application Assistance

Immigration Services advises on policy and process, verifies credentials, job requirements and salary, acts as liaison between designated immigration attorney and UMMS Department, Reviews and signs all documents related to application and advises UMMS Employment Specialists on recruitment requirements for associated applicants when necessary.

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Tax Treaty

Review of tax treaty eligibility with all new employees; assist with tax treaty application where applicable; year-end tax treaty renewals; and assist payroll with issuance of annual tax forms for individuals with tax treaties.

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Immigration Orientation & Seminars

Conduct bi-weekly mandatory immigration orientation for incoming visa holders; monthly seminars on various immigration topics (OPT, immigration basics, holiday travel, etc.); regular seminars/training for UMMS administrators; organize and advertise English as a Second Language courses; coordinate two permanent residency seminars per year; Year-end tax compliance webinars and GME staff seminars.

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Issue documents (were applicable) and provide advise and assistance to dependents of international employees & students; monthly reminder notices; Bits & Pieces Newsletter; Up-to-date website information; annual reporting to various agencies (IIE, SEVP, etc.); pre-employment consultations / coordination for employees and contingent workers; repatriation and evacuation insurance for all F,J,H visa holders.

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