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Notaries Public/Justices of the Peace

The Office of Community and Government Relations maintains the list below. If you would like your contact information added, removed or updated, please call Gladys McRell at 508-856-4400.

Notaries Public*


Anesthesiology Lisa Nicholson 508-856-3821 S2-706
Animal Medicine Sharon Vigeant 508-856-3152 SA-142
Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmacology Jackie Lima 508-856-3917 LRB-917
Cancer Center Link Labs Barur Rajeshkumar 508-856-6225 ASC7-1007
Office of Foster Care & Adoption Lena Riccardi 508-856-3346 South St. Campus
Center for Health Care Financing Stephen Curran 508-330-0703 Schraffts Building, Charlestown
Center for Health Care Financing Judith Richards 617-886-8207 Schraffts Building, Charleston
Central Mass Communities of Care Department of Psychiatry Catherine Waren 508-856-5139 275 A Belmot St., Worcester
Diabetes Lisa Hubacz 774-443-7111 ACC-2208
Emergency Medicine Judy Verdini 508-421-5525 Lakeside, 186-A
Facilities Ryan Hacker 508-856-6127 Power Plant, Engineering & Construction Office
Family Medicine & Community Health Tamara Cullen 508-334-6109 Jaquith Building, 119 Belmont St., Worcester (Memorial Campus)
Family Medicine & Community Health Lucy Garabedian 508-856-4195 A3-193
Graduate Medical Education Deborah J. Rollo 508-856-2903 S2-332
Health and Criminal Justice Program Lisa Clemente 508-793-1253 South St. Campus
Internal Medicine Residency Jackie St. Martin 774-441-6239 S6-802
Neurobiology Gail Phillips 508-856-6134 LRB-709
Pathology Kathleen Bateman 508-856-1997 S2-240
Public Safety Ed Blair 508-856-3292 South Rd. Garage
(midnight-7 a.m.)
Radiology Ella Covello 508-856-6365 S4-408
Office of Research Tammy LeBlanc 508-856-6481 S1-859
Rheumatology Heather Morello 508-856-7887 LRB 213
Surgery Barur Rajeshkumar 508-856-6225 S3-734
Third Party Appeals Peter Black 617-886-8007 Schraffts Building, Charlestown
Third Party Appeals Aline Mulhern 617-866-8075 Schraffts Building, Charlestown
Tri-River Health Center Mel Robbins 38588 Tri-River Health Center


Justices of the Peace/Notaries Public*

Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmagology Jackie Lima 508-856-3917 LRB-917
Cancer Center Clinic Elizabeth Henry (Bilingual-Spanish) 508-856-3550 H1-322
School Services Karen Zirpola-Miller 508-856-5033 S3-104

*All locations are in the Medical School/hospital building on the Worcester campus unless otherwise noted.

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