The Flow Cytometry Core Lab offer a wide variety of training opportunities

Our FACSAria self-sorting training program is now available! Please drop by the main lab (S5-322) or call the core at (6-3276) if you are interested in this advanced training opportunity. LSR operator experience is a pre-requisite. Candidates should already be familiar with the FACSDiva program and the principles of flow cytometry. The program is intended for laboratories and individuals who have a need to sort regularly after normal core facility hours, 8 AM – 5 PM Monday-Friday.Click here for the training manual!

The FACSCalibur training session is a great introduction to flow cytometry. This 1 hour course covers the basics and allows you to operate our self-use "S-Calibur" located in the main facility. This instrument can analyse up to 4 colors (plus light scatter) and operates with Cellquest Macintosh software. Help is always available after the training to get you started performing your own analysis at a reduced hourly rate.

A 3 hour LSR II training course is required for those who wish to operate the self use instruments in the LRB, room 357 or the 3 laser "B-3" LSR in the main lab. This course covers the operation, maintenence, data handling, FACSDiva software and other practical aspects of using a multi-laser analysis instrument. The course is offered on the first Monday of each month with a maximum of 5 students per class. Space permitting, you can attend for a refresher without charge once the course has been taken. If there is sufficient demand additional courses may be scheduled each month if the core facility staffing allows. Please contact to schedule your training.

Advanced LSR II training is available which focuses on how the instrument and FACSDiva software can best be utilized. Depending on your needs this can cover 1) fluorochrome selection and custom filter configuration for multi-color analysis, 2) compensation theory and use of the auto-comp feature in FACSDiva, 3) cell cycle and other DNA applications, 4) calcium flux to name a few examples. These sessions can be individualized to your specific application. Please call the core facility at 508-856-3276 and we can schedule a session with a specialist suited to your field of research.

Flowjo is a powerful off-line flow cytometry analysis software package offered at a signifcant discount due to our UMMS site license. Please contact if you wish to purchase a copy. Excellent tutorials can be found and we offer introductory training to familiarize you with this popular application.

When scheduling an analysis with a facility operator the investigator is welcome to participate in the set-up of your experiment. These can be very useful and informative collaborations! We need your participation for cell sorting appointments in order to set the gates for your population(s) of interest.

Every fall the advanced graduate course "An Introduction to Flow and Image Cytometry" is taught by Richard Konz. This includes both a lecture and a hands-on lab section which also qualifies the successful student to operate the self-use LSR II instruments. Ted Giehl and Marc Barnard help instruct the lab section. The lecture series covers theory, all aspects of instrument design and numerous applications. Two lectures are dedicated to the use of the confocal microscope. Please contact Richard.Konz@umassmed if you are interested in taking this comprehensive course.