Core Flow Cytometry Lab Protocols

In this section we provide protocols, data sheets to organize your samples, and fluorochome selection guides to assist in your experimental design. Your fluorophore selection, type and number, will determine which instrumentation is appropriate for your panel.

Due to the ever evolving technology and applications associated with Flow Cytometry, please discuss your experimental and project needs with any member of the Core Facility staff.

We have the BD Biosciences High Throughput Sampling System for our 18 parameter LSR II. Below are our requirements to analyze samples on 96 and 384 well plates. If you have any questions, please contact anyone in the lab at 6-3276.

Please keep in mind that unfixed untested or known infectious samples MUST be brought to our lab in secondary containment such as a sealable plastic or styrofoam box. Depending on the infectious agent we may require that they be run in our biosafety level III facility. Consult with any member of the Core Facility staff  prior to your appointment to determine the appropriate safety requirements for your samples.


Data Sheets

Fluorochrome Selection Guides

Other Resources

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