General Sorting Information

Machine Core Lab Aria BSL3 Aria MoFlo DV-1
Lasers 488nm, 633nm, 405nm, 350nm, 561nm 488nm, 633nm, 405nm, 350nm 488nm, 633nm, 405nm 488nm, 633nm, 350nm
Nozzle size
(other option)
70 um
85 & 100um
Sort Tubes polystyrene or polyproylene polystyrene or polypropylene polypropylene
BD 352063, 352002
BD 352058, 352008
Cell Concentration
1-2 x107 1-2 x107 1-2 x107 1-2 x107
Sort Rate 
10,000 - 30,000 cells/second 10,000 - 30,000 cells/second 10,000 - 30,000 cells/second 5,000 - 12,000 cells/second
Operating Pressure 70 psi
45 psi 20psi
20 psi

Running media - 1% FBS in any media. HEPES can be added at a final concentration of 25mM to media to keep cells well buffered for all day sorts, and/or to collection media.

Collection media - this is usually 20% FBS in whichever media the cells are happiest. This is diluted 4-5x and ends up being approximately 5% FBS.

Filtering :

All samples are filtered through 40 µm mesh prior to running by core facility personel, however if you wish to filter the samples yourself refer to the ordering information below.

Sterile 12x75 mm tubes with filter caps are available; Becton Dickinson Cat. number 352235 or Fisher Cat. number 08-771-23

Nitex Nylon Filtration Mesh order from: Small Parts

(800-220-4242) x403 Elvin

(for bulk orders with a minimum of 3 yards) Nitex 03-41/31

12" x 12" pieces, 6 per pack CMN-LP041031-06

*** All numbers are an average and actual numbers will vary based on cell type and size and/or sorting options.***

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