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Welcome to the iSPARC Webinar Series!

The iSPARC Webinar Series highlights new research initiatives, research findings, and more presented by leading experts in their fields. Here you will find recordings of recent webinars we have broadcast, along with information on upcoming webinars that we will be hosting.

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Featured Webinar

Supporting Youth Vocational Goals with Mental Health and Vocational Rehabilitation Collaboration: Implications for the Present

Maryann Davis, Ph.D., Nancy Koroloff, Ph.D., & Anwyn Gatesy-Davis
June 30, 2020

This webinar presents findings from a 3-phase study examining collaboration related to the vocational goals of transition-age youth (ages 14-24) with serious mental health conditions between state vocational rehabilitation services and public mental health systems. Data from qualitative interviews with local vocational rehabilitation and mental health leadership from communities that received SAMHSA grants to improve services for transition-age youth with or at risk of serious mental health conditions, web surveys of key informants from programs in these communities, and analysis of  the national rehabilitation services administrative database (RSA911) in regards transition-age youth with serious mental health conditions were analyzed.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the most common factor that affects collaboration between these systems, and its implications for enhanced collaboration.
  • Understand the recent policy context in which collaboration between these systems is crucial for transition-age youth
  •  Identify one concrete step that could be taken to better address these vocational goals during the current economic downturn.

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