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Human Rights & Ethics - Research You Can Use

informed_consent_clinician_client Informed Consent and the Clinician-Client Relationship
Lidz, Appelbaum & Meisel - 2012
  vertical rule graphic   Protecting Research Participants: How can we Reduce "Therapeutic Misconception" in Clinical Research Trials?
Lidz, C. W., Truong, D., Albert, K., & Alikhan, S. - 2017


Human Rights & Ethics - Research In The Works

Central IRBs: Enhanced
Protections for Research Participants

Pivovarova, LIdz - 2016

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Human Rights & Ethics - Issue Briefs

cover image Confidentiality Uncovered: Why Peer Supporters Need Protection
Seligowski & Grudzinskas - 2009
  vertical rule graphic  brief_adultcriminal3_thumb Community Reintergration of Persons with SMI Post Incarceration
Hartwell - 2008



cover image

Institutional Review Boards: What Do They Do? How Do They Protect Subjects?
Jackson, Candilis, Garverich, Gellar, Lidz & Roach - 2008

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  vertical rule graphic cover image Restraint and Seclusion: Can They Become Obsolete Practices?
Jovanovic & Johnsen - 2006



cover image Can People with Mental Illness Consent to Research?
Lidz - 2006
  vertical rule graphic community reintegration Protection of Vulnerable Populations: Research Involving Prisoners
Grudzinskas & Clayfield - 2005



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