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Retrospective Research

The Research Informatics Core provides a single point of contact for the design and delivery of data for Retrospective Data Studies for Clinical Research, Quality Improvement, Clinical Trials, and Education.

Our services include:

  • Data Analysis Planning, Data Sources Identification, and Access
    We help you identify the data you need. Specifically, we help define the data elements required for your study, their location and integrate the necessary systems to create your data sets.

  • Data Engineering and Customized Clinical Data Extractions 
    Most data collected in clinical systems are not suitable for analytics; therefore, this data needs to be converted into a data warehouse format that is designed and optimized for analytical processing. We design and develop the appropriate data structures that will support your clinical study, including analytic databases and/or data warehouses and the required data pipelines infrastructure to collect and deliver the data.

  • Data Abstraction, Analytics, Reporting, Visualization, and Storage
    We offer guidance about available resources to communicate the results of your analysis by choosing the appropriate visualization software and tools for the specific type of data.
    The Quantitative Methods Core (QMC) provides the University of Massachusetts Medical School investigators with clinical research support in biostatistics, experimental design, and data analytics. For more information, please contact QMC.