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Data Services

The Research Informatics Core provides various clinical research data services to support the UMASS Medical Research Community. Specifically, we assist you with extracting high-dimensional data from Epic and other data sources to support your clinical research.

We offer the following services:

Access to clinical data: We provide clinical data from the Epic electronic health record system to support your research. Data requests are typically for Patient Recruitment and Retrospective Research to support Quality Improvement or any other clinical research studies.

Project Management, Data Analytics, Reporting, Visualization: We provide investigators with clinical research support in statistics, experimental design, data analytics, and project management. 

Data Science Natural Language Processing and Machine (Deep) Learning: We assist researchers in the design and implementation of solutions to complex data-related problems involving Natural Language Processing and Machine (Deep) Learning. 

Preparation for grant proposal: We also help you with data plan design, access to aggregate-limited (de-identified) data, and fully identified data sets for you to get an estimation of the patient population size that may meet your inclusion/exclusion criteria. RIC can also assist with budgeting, letters of support, standard security, and Informatics core blurb for grant writing. 

Our services are offered for a fee. The fees we collect cover the cost associated with service delivery. Our rates are highly competitive and will likely beat anything you can find in the market (because we operate at cost). We are committed to providing the highest value services at the lowest cost possible. For more information about cost please read Funding and Budgeting Tools.

If you need assistance with a research project that involves clinical data, please book an appointment with us during our office hours.