Process for Tenure

Tenure Process

Process for promoting faculty at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

The tenure process involves review of a faculty member's academic achievements by both faculty committees and administrators (Chair, Chancellor). Faculty to be reviewed for tenure provide the following materials to their department:

  • a current Curriculum Vitae: see here for information on preparing an effective CV
  • a Research Statement, describing current research interests, future goals and anticipated research projects
  • evidence of Teaching Effectiveness: see here for more information
  • Published Works, a minimum of five peer-reviewed publications that represent the candiate's best work
  • a list of potential internal and external Referees: see here for guidelines on reference letters. The list of the individuals solicited for letters of reference is included in the candidate's file.

The steps involved in the tenure process are as follows (see flowchart above):

  1. The candidate provides department with the materials listed above. The list of referees is reviewed by the department chair.
  2. The department solicits reference letters, which are added to the candidate's file.
  3. The candidate's file is reviewed by the Department Tenure Committee, which submits a letter of review to the department chair; this letter is added to the candidate's file.
  4. The department chair writes a letter of evaluation, which is added to the candidate's file.
  5. These materials are reviewed by the Office of Faculty Affairs for completeness.
  6. The Tenure Committee reviews the candidate's materials and submits a recommendation for approval by the Chancellor. Final approval for tenure is made by the UMass Board of Trustees.