Periodic Multi-Year Review of Tenured Faculty (PMYR)

In addition to annual performance evaluations required of all faculty members, faculty members who have been awarded tenure must undergo periodic performance reviews at regular intervals. A Periodic Multi Year Review (PMYR) of tenured faculty that is distinct from the annual and major personnel action reviews, is intended to serve a number of purposes. First, such a review expands the 12-month time window of the annual reviews into an overview of a faculty member's long term interests, achievements, professional activities and plans. Second, such an evaluation makes possible timely consultation, intervention, and assistance, where indicated, that should stimulate and encourage professional development, new initiatives or changes in direction that will benefit both the faculty member and the institution.


  • The present annual faculty report procedure encourages short-term assessment of individual accomplishments. PMYR should foster a longer-term view of an individual's performance and contributions to the University.
  • The PMYR must strengthen the faculty member's academic freedom and right to full and free inquiry, as prescribed in the understanding of tenure.
  • The PMYR is not a personnel action as defined in the Academic Personnel Policy. In particular, it is not a reaffirmation of tenure.
  • The PMYR should follow the pattern established by the annual faculty reports, including both self-assessment and administrative assessment by the Department Chair and Dean, should incorporate prior annual faculty reports and should not involve the creation of additional unnecessary bureaucracy.
  • Standards of evaluation in each Department will be fair and consistent with departmental and school practice.
  • It is intended that the PMYR policy will recognize that individual interests and abilities of tenured faculty members may change over time, and that tenured faculty members may meet their professional responsibilities to their Department in varied and changing ways.