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Meet Our Student Ambassadors (2020-2021)

Take a moment to get to know our MD/PhD program student ambassadors. Feel free to reach out with any questions about research, student life, or experiences within the program. You may email them by clicking on their names below.

  • Jillian Belgrad

    Jillian Belgrad

    Year in Program: MS2

    Hometown: Weston, MA

    University/College: Colgate University

    Post Grad Activity: 2 years Post-Bacc Researcher NIH

    Research/Lab/Thesis: Neurobiology, RNA Therapeutics

    Clinical Interests: Pediatrics, Neurology, Peds Neuro, but also very open/undecided!

    On-campus Involvements: Learning communities, Curriculum development, Peds interest group, Neuro interest group, Free clinics

    Favorite thing about UMassMed: The friendly, outgoing people and collaborative culture!

  • Jan Czerminski

    Jan Czerminski

    Year in Program:  MS4

    Hometown: Wayland, MA

    University/College: McGill University

    Post Grad Activity: N/A

    Research/Lab/Thesis: Jeanne Lawrence, Neurology

    Clinical Interests: Radiology

    On-campus Involvements: MD/PhD peer mentoring lead, Radiology interest group leader

    Favorite thing about UMassMed: Culture

  • Philip A Feinberg

    Philip A Feinberg

    Year in Program: 7th Year overall, GS5

    Hometown: Ardsley, New York

    University/College: Ithaca College '11 B.S. Biochemistry

    Post Grad Activity: Three years of research in NYC at the Rockefeller University and Mount Sinai

    Research/Lab/Thesis: Dori Schafer Lab, Neurobiology, Thesis title: Microglial-derived innate immune mechanisms governing neural circuit excitability

    Clinical Interests: Neuropsychiatry, Neuro-ophthalmology, Peds

    On-campus Involvements: MSC Curriculum Committee, BRAIN course tutor

    Favorite thing about UMassMed: Collaborative environment, emphasis on community, the willingness of program leadership to listen to students and work with them to make the program better

  • Chantal Ferguson

    Chantal Ferguson

    Year in Program: GS4

    Hometown: Brookline, MA

    University/College: Wesleyan University 

    Post Grad Activity: Research Associate MGH

    Research/Lab/Thesis: Khvorova Lab, RNA Therapeutics 

    Clinical Interests: Interventional Radiology 

    On-campus Involvements: Multiple Interdisciplinary Research Projects, MSC Community Committee

    Favorite thing about UMassMed: Mentorship network, people 

  • Zack Milstone

    Zack Milstone

    Year in Program: MS4

    Hometown: Brookline, MA

    University/College: University of Rochester

    Post Grad Activity: N/A

    Research/Lab/Thesis: Epigenetic regulation of early cardiac development / Trivedi lab / Division of Cardiovascular Medicine

    Clinical Interests: Internal medicine

    On-campus Involvements: MD/PhD Peer mentor, Ski trip

    Favorite thing about UMassMed: The people - open, friendly, collaborative

  • Yen Anh Nguyen

    Yen Anh Nguyen

    Year in Program: MS2

    Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    University/College: Denison University

    Post Grad Activity: Research Assistant at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

    Research/Lab/Thesis: RNA biology

    Clinical Interests: Ophthalmology, Cardiology, Geriatrics

    On-campus Involvements: Art for the Physician OEE, MTSP Student Council, Worcester Senior Center Volunteer

    Favorite thing about UMassMed: Our classmates have interests in topics and activities outside of medicine on top of being passionate about science. The school encourages the pursuit of these interests, allowing us to share what we love with others in the community. I love the supportive and collaborative community. We are not competitors, Everyone commits to learning together and supporting each other through the medical school journey.

  • Abiola Ogunsola

    Abiola Ogunsola

    Year in Program: G1

    Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

    University/College: University of Pittsburgh

    Post Grad Activity:  3 years as a research tech at Pitt

    Research/Lab/Thesis: Behar Lab, MaPS

    Clinical Interests: Family, Internal, Urology, OB/GYN

    On-campus Involvements: Co-president of White Coats 4 Black Lives, House Cup Chair of Learning Communities, Co-president of Diversity Interest Group

    Favorite thing about UMassMed: Everyone is so friendly and works together to make sure we all achieve success

  • Jenny Powers

    Jenny Powers

    Year in Program: MS1

    Hometown: Eden Prairie, MN

    University/College: Rollins College

    Post Grad Activity: Scribe for Abbott Northwestern Hospitalists, Research Associate (University of Minnesota and UMass Med)

    Research/Lab/Thesis: Unknown! Interest in host-pathogen interactions

    Clinical Interests: Infectious Disease

    On-campus Involvements: Still doing a lot of sampling! (OEEs and interest groups)

    Favorite thing about UMassMed: The people! And all the options available to get involved on campus