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Lab Personnel

  • Isha Chug

    Isha Chug

    Academic Role: Undergraduate Intern

    Isha is an undergraduate intern at the Khanna Lab, and she started her internship in June 2019. She was at Shrewsbury High School and is passionate about healthcare/bio-medical field. Isha wants to join the research community to solve complex issues and help patients fight against deadly disease. Isha assists with a variety of projects in the lab, and is primarily responsible for running a PCR and Western Blots. She enjoys public speaking, reading, painting, and mentoring kids.

  • Mohona Gupta

    Mohona Gupta

    Academic Role: PhD Candidate

    Mohona is a PhD candidate at the Khanna lab. She joined Khanna lab in June, 2019. Mohona's project focuses on delineating the molecular mechanisms of inherited retinal degenerative disorders, primarily X-Linked Retinitis Pigmentosa. She is a trained Indian classical dancer, enjoys public speaking, and traveling.

  • Payam Khoshkenar

    Payam Khoshkenar

    Academic Role: Research Associate 2

    Payam is from northwestern Iran and he studied biomaterial and biomedical engineering in Tehran Polytechnic and Louisiana Tech University, respectively. He is a research associate 2 in Khanna lab. He joined the lab on August 2020. Previously, Payam worked on quantification of signaling networks outputs in cancer, synthesis of peptide and protein vaccines for infectious diseases and formulation of drug delivery nanoparticles for cancer targeting. He performs basic lab duties and helps with the ongoing projects in the lab. Payam enjoys cooking, watching sport and hiking/camping.

  • Laura Moreno Leon

    Laura Moreno Leon, PhD.

    Academic Role: Postdoctoral Associate

    Obtained her PhD degree from Nice – Côte d’Azur University in France. She joined the Khanna Lab in September 2018. Dr. Moreno Leon’s project focuses on RPGR isoforms in retinal degeneration, associated mutations, and development of new therapeutic approaches in mice. Laura’s hobbies are piano, diving and lecture.

  • Bhubanananda Sahu

    Bhubanananda Sahu, Ph.D

    Academic Role: Research Specialist

    Bhubanananda Sahu obtained his PhD degree from the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology in Hyderabad, India. He joined the Khanna lab in January 2019. He is now investigating the cause of different retinal diseases such as  Retinitis Pigmentosa. Bhuban enjoys watching movies, reading, and writing.