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August, 2017

Transformation of The Eye Center

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The story of the eye team

July, 2017

Green Belt Innovation Celebration at the Hahnemann Campus

UMass Memorial employees celebrated people and teams working toward True North at the Hahnemann campus. On 7/19/17 recent innovations, initiatives, projects, and ideas across the Medical Center were showcased. Read more ›

Green Belt Celebration/2017

July, 2017

Rods and Cones compete for AAV access

Lolita Petit et al., show how development of photoreceptor outer segments influence AAV infectivity of rods. The data indicates that rods and cones compete for AAV access. Furthermore, the data indicates that the presence of an outer segemnt for rods greatly increases AAV infectivity. Her work was featured on the cover, which shows a 3D-rendering of the outer nuclear layer 21 days post infection with AAV5-CMV-H2BGFP-IRES-Cre after subretinal injection at postnatal day 1 into the Ai9 tdTomato Cre-reporter line. Blue shows viral nuclear H2BGFP; green shows tdTomato expressions in transduced cells reporting viral Cre; red shows cones expressing cone arrestin and white shows nuclear DAPI.

Human Gene Therapy-Image
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July, 2017

Shlomit Schaal admitted to premier leadership program for women in medicine

The Hedwig van Ameringen Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine (ELAM) Program for Women at the Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia has announced that Shlomit Schaal, MD, PhD, professor and chair of ophthalmology & visual services, has been named a fellow in the class of 2017- 2018. Read more ›

Dr. Shlomit Schaal Photo

June, 2017

A New Era of Advanced Cataract Surgery at UMass Memorial

UMass Memorial Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences has recently acquired the latest technology for performing advanced cataract surgeries. The new Centurion Vision System for cataract surgery represents the newest generation of cataract machines. Read more ›

Dr. Luna Cataract Surgery

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