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October, 2017

The Eye Center celebrated its second Green Belt Innovation Celebration at the Hahnemann Campus

UMass Memorial Healthcare employees again celebrated people and teams working toward True North at the Hahnemann campus. Co-lead by Dr. Schaal and Dr. Luna, The Eye Center presented the Lean Green Belt project "Efficiency improvement of turnover time in the operating room". Read more ›

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October, 2017

UMMS researchers find possible correlation between retinal blood flow, obstructive sleep apnea

New research from scientists at UMass Medical School suggests varying blood flow in the retina may enable clinicians to earlier identify patients with obstructive sleep apnea. Read more ›

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October, 2017

The Eye Center Welcomes Dr. Juan Ding

Juan Ding, OD, PhD, has recently joined the Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences at UMass as an optometrist and faculty member. Dr. Ding will work on screening diabetic eye diseases at the Diabetes Center at the Ambulatory Care Center, as well as providing optometric services. Read more ›

Dr. Juan Ding- Photo

October, 2017

Dr. Punzo Recipient of Macular Degeneration BrightFocus Award

The BrightFocus Foundation awarded Dr. Claudio Punzo and his collaborator, Dr. Rahul Kanadia, a grant for his research into the cause of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). The award spans a time window of 2 years and is intended to test the role of photoreceptors in causing AMD. Dr. punzo has proposed that metabolic changes in photoreceptors could be the undelying cause for AMD in humans. Read more ›

Dr. Punzo Photo

October, 2017

Farewell Dr. Asdourian!

Oh, what fun! On September 27, 2017, on his last full day of clinic, Dr. George Asdourian was surprised by the entire staff at the UMass Memorial Eye Center with a wonderful lunch celebration. Read more ›

Dr. Asdourian photo

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