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Business Objects

What is SAP Business Objects?

Business Objects is SAP-based business intelligence solution used for the corporate reporting services at the UMMS and other customers. It allows to transform the data from the databases into user-friendly reports. The set of tools tool provides the access to the registered users to generate pre-defined reports and extract data from key databases and systems used within the University. 

Through the UMMS reporting enterprise service we provide maintenance, support, and assistance for the development of reporting facilities using Business Objects. This includes:

  • training and information to enable existing and new users to exploit the reporting service
  • operational advice and guidance on the use of Business Objects
  • a mechanism to take forward ideas for new reports/changes to reports/other services developments.

The Senior Report Writer's Group deals with day-to-day operational issues and consists of a number of report writers and administration representing the different data areas. Currently these include staff from IT Services and Development Office. Take a look of the few report examples below.


SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence

Web Intelligence provides the ability to deliver reports and data analysis "on the fly" without the user having to know about the underlying data structure and database connectivity. This type of reporting, also known as ad-hoc reporting, targets a wide range of business users. Users can easily identify objects by name and can design reports on their own to suit their particular needs.

This type of reporting has the full capability of using a scripting engine to design custom functions and use of parameters that prompt the user for data input. All of this functionality is possible by the availability of a reporting Universe - a semantic layer. The Universe replaces the complexities of the database with business-friendly terms based on requirements and specifications. Creation of a universe is an iterative process that allows for collaboration between business partners and Universe designers. 

UMMS Business Objects Report


Web Intelligence Dashboards and Analytics

This SAP-based tool allows users to create customized dashboards that can contain many different objects including Crystal Reports, Web Intelligence documents, and web sites that the user views on a regular basis. These types of web dashboards are similar to Xcelsius dashboards. 

Below you can find some useful resources to get you familiarized with SAP BusinessObjects Launchpad:

  • Official product tutorials for SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence - SAP Tutorials
  • SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Video Tutorials - YouTube
  • SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Interactive training - here


SAP BusinessObjects Crystal Reports

SAP BusinessObjects Crystal Reports is a robust production reporting tool that can turn information from almost any data source into a sophisticated, interactive report. This powerful, user-friendly application for small businesses and departments can help you deliver key insights to the right decision maker, at the right time, in the right format.