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Current Interns

  • Shane Bourgeois

    Shane Bourgeois

    Audio Visual Control Programming Intern

    Programs: 2021

    My name is Shane Bourgeois. I am a recent graduate of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science program. I was born and raised in Massachusetts, and my wife and I are currently settled in Ayer. My background is in Live Sound (15 years), but I am working toward moving away from the entertainment industry. I look toward my future with UMass Med to hone my skills in UI design and reliable automation systems and protocols. In my free time I enjoy making battlebots, building a large light display for the holidays, and trying to keep the grass alive in my backyard. I am excited to navigate and overcome the challenges of the semi-virtual world we live in today.

    Light display video

  • Elizabeth Choi

    Elizabeth Choi

    Data Analytics Summer Intern

    Programs: 2021

    Hello! My name is Elizabeth Choi. I am an incoming graduate student at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where I will be studying Health Informatics this fall. I received my B.S. in Applied Psychology and Global Public Health at New York University.

    I have about two years of experience in the health care industry, having worked as a Business Intelligence and Quality Improvement Data Coordinator at an FQHC located in Los Angeles, CA where I supported quality initiatives and provided staff with guidance in the development of systems and tools that improve quality and outcome metrics.

    At UMass Medical School, I look forward to developing meaningful reports through PowerBI and gaining a more technical skillset. I hope to eventually become a clinical informaticist in a hospital setting. In that role, I plan to design efficient patient care, accommodate the needs of patients and healthcare providers, and improve clinical workflow by integrating big data analytics, business, and information technology.

  • Ayann Gill

    Ayann Gill

    UX/Data Analytics Summer Intern

    Programs: 2021

    Emerging Professional Ayaan Gill is a recent graduate from U.C. San Diego. He is a highly motivated user experience designer based in the San Diego area. Ayaan graduated from UC San Diego with B.S. in Cognitive Science with specialization in Design & Interaction. Certificate in UX/UI from UC Berkeley with skills in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Visual Prototyping & Wireframing, User Research, and User Interface Development. As a UX design intern, designed hospital management software with Cleveland Clinic’s imaging informatics team. Designed cross-platform medical communication software that competed in the semifinals of Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine’s 2019 Innovation Challenge. Organized team player and quick learner passionate about crafting digital designs that make life easier for their users while meeting business needs

  • Matthew Kersey

    Matthew Kersey

    Academic Augmented/Virtual Reality Intern

    Programs: 2021

    Matt Kelsey is a student at Columbia University pursuing an MS in computer science with a specific focus on augmented and virtual reality. Before starting at Columbia, he attended Dartmouth College and then worked as a software engineer at Tata Consultancy Services. Matt is particularly interested in the ways that XR can change medical education and make it more accessible to students. A notable example of his past work is a VR application that simulates a defibrillator and trains users to operate it properly. Matt is excited to explore the ways that XR can serve the UMMS community. He will be working on AR and VR projects for the simulation center. He hopes that the tools that result from the internship will prove useful in the context of UMMS's curriculum. 

  • Citina Liang

    Citina Liang

    Machine Learning Algorithms Intern

    Programs: 2021

    Citrina Liang Hi, I am Shiting Liang, go by Citina. I am very excited about this intern opportunity at the UMMS IT team to apply data analysis and machine learning knowledge from school to different projects. I recently graduated from the M.A. Statistics program at Columbia University. I also studied Statistics during my undergraduate education. I have held several internships throughout my career, including Research Assistant, Quantitative Analyst, and Data Analyst and will be joining UMMS IT United Iterations Engineering Team as Machine Learning Algorithms Intern. In my spare time, I like casual walks at dog parks near my home. I also like drawing and baking for relaxation. 

  • Claire Monterroyo

    Claire Monterroyo

    Digital Strategist Intern

    Programs: 2021

    Claire Monterroyo is a recent graduate of the University of South Carolina, where she majored in Public Health and minored in Advertising/Public Relations. She is very excited to intern with UMass Med. In her free time, Claire enjoys baking, hiking, and trying new restaurants.

  • Ebenezer Tessemer

    Ebenezer Tessemer

    Automation and Orchestration Intern

    Programs: 2021

    Hello, my name is Ebenezer Tessema, and I am a recent graduate of Computer Science from Virginia Commonwealth University. I am originally from Northern Virginia, with parents who emigrated from Ethiopia. When I was a child, I was always the de facto tech support of the home, and this role grew into a passion of mine as I spent more and more time behind a computer. As a recent graduate I seek to expand my knowledge surrounding computers through work in the field. In particular, I have an interest in cyber security related things, but I am eager to learn anything I can. In my free time I enjoy making music, spending time with friends, and reading. I look forward to working with you all and am excited for the work that's to be done.