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Past Interns


  • Dhimitris Natsis

    Dhimitris Natsis

    AWS Data Integration and Migration Intern

    Programs: 2020

    Dhimitris Natsis is a recent graduate from Worcester State University with a degree in Computer Science. He has a passion for learning and is excited to work with new and emerging technologies. His focus will be working with AWS and automating the deployment of databases. In his free time, Dhimitris enjoys playing music, cooking, reading, and outdoor activities like golfing and snowboarding.


  • Jason Brice

    Jason Brice

    Computer Science Intern

    Programs: 2019

    My name is Jason Brice and I am currently pursing my Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering at the University of Massachusetts- Dartmouth. My interests and focus are on machine learning and circuit design. I want to be able to create an impact within the engineering industry. I love learning, and I am always eager and excited to try new things. During my free time I love to play/watch basketball, play video games and spend time with my family.

  • Adam Giunta

    Adam Giunta

    Distributed Software Engineering Intern

    Programs: 2019

    Adam Giunta is a Software Engineering student at Becker College in Worcester and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Media and Design with a Focus in Programming. He is focused on learning new skills related to emerging technologies to gain a better understanding of the industry and establish better experience that falls within his career path. Adam is dedicated and eager to learn new and interesting skills and is never afraid to ask questions. Although ambitious, Adam is dedicated to expanding overall knowledge and contributing to the industry as a whole. In his free time, Adam enjoys reading articles and playing video games like “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” and “Factorio.”  


  • Hari Karri

    Hari Karri

    IT Engineering Intern

    Programs: 2019

    Hari Karri completed his Masters in Computer science from Northern Illinois University in Chicago. He is enthusiastic about learning new things, working with the team, and helping others. Hari is an openminded and detail oriented person at work and always believes that "failure is the first step to get success". During his free time, Hari enjoys playing outer door games like cricket, basketball and video games like "Soccer" and "Call of Duty". Last but not least, he is a dancer, netizen, and professional coder.

  • Ashley Lockwood

    Ashley Lockwood

    Programs: 2019

    Ashley Lockwood is a Statistics PhD student and Teaching Assistant for the Mathematical Sciences department at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Assumption College in 2018 where she double majored in Mathematics and Economics and minored in Computer Science. She was a member of Assumption's Honors Program and a member of the Varsity Field Hockey Team. She also received the George A. Doyle Merit Award for Excellence in Economics in 2018. This award is given by Assumption annually to recognize a student who possesses extraordinary intellect, has a passion for community service, and demonstrates strong potential within the field. 

  • Akshatha Nayak

    Akshatha Nayak

    Software Intern (Charlestown)

    Programs: 2019

    First of all, I am glad to be part of UMMS and excited to begin my journey here.
    I lived most of my life in a city in the southern part of India called Mangalore (not Bangalore!!) and pursued my bachelors there in the field of Information Technology.

    After my bachelor’s, I joined Sony as a Software Engineer developing web applications using C#, HTML and CSS. During my tenure at Sony, I always felt that there was a gap in understanding the user needs and the development of the application. To bridge this gap, I decided to pursue my education in the field of Informatics and Human Computer Interaction and for the same reason, I landed in Boston to pursue my graduate degree at Northeastern University. This course helped me understand how important user’s perspective is when developing an application and how an application can succeed if it is designed by keeping user needs in mind.

    My desire to enhance my technical skills and to gain hands-on experience, I decided to join an organization that would impact my career experience in a hugely positive way and that’s when I came across an opening for my current position in UMMS.

    I am a travel enthusiast and have travelled several states in the US, Australia and India. Apart from travelling, I love to cook, and read novels. I also play a lot of indoor games, both online and offline during the weekend.

  • Nirali Oza

    Nirali Oza

    Digital Health Communication Specialist Intern

    Programs: 2019

    Nirali Oza is a medical graduate from India with Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. She is also a recent graduate from Shillington School of Graphic Design at New York City. Nirali joined the Data Science and Technology Department team at UMass Medical school as a Digital Health Communication Specialist intern. She will work with clinical research teams to translate complex clinical trial information into marketing ready content for the general public. She will also be part of the team that manages the web content and design. Nirali is passionate about utilizing immersive technologies and human computer interaction design for medicine. When not working Nirali enjoys creating interaction designs, medical illustrations and DIY crafts. She also shares it with others through her portfolio website and social media. She is obsessed with “Friends” and a big fan of Bollywood movies.



  • Jacob Saulnier

    Jacob Saulnier

    Community Engagement Intern

    Programs: 2019

    I am a finance major at Roger Williams University. I have a minor in Mandarin Chinese, as well as accounting. I graduated from Saint Johns High School in 2018. I really enjoy trading stocks in my free time. As Community Engagement intern am helping the UMMS IT Engineering Digital Marketing team promote clinical trials for the medical school. We are currently promoting rare disease research on social platforms worldwide. 

  • Lalit Singharia

    Lalit Singharia

    Cloud Solutions Intern

    Programs: 2019

    My name is Lalit Singharia. I recently graduated from University of Massachusetts Lowell with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Computer Science. After graduating I began learning cloud systems and got real world programming experience in AWS. As a Cloud Solutions Intern, I will be working with serverless systems and helping to provide optimal solutions. I am grateful to the UMass team for giving me this opportunity. My hobbies include reading books (keenly interested in Manga books), cooking food (mostly Indian dishes) and also listening to music.

  • Jiayi Xu

    Jiayi Xu

    Media & Web Services Intern iCELs support

    Programs: 2019

    Jiayi Xu is a front-end developer and UX Designer. She received her Master's degree in Dynamic Media from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from New York Institute of Technology. In 2016, she had published an interactive data journalism website for AIGA Design Census as well as a Boston travel App for an iOS device. She has a passion for building immersive VR experiences because VR is an innovative combination of Art and Technology. Most of her personal VR projects focus on enhancing the interactivity between users and a virtual environment. She combined Unity3D with face-tracking technology (OpenCV), voice recognition (Voice AI platform) and brainwaves (EEG). She hopes to find out the most preferred method for people to interact with VR. She loves drawing comics in her spare time.


  • Aakash Singh Bondili

    Aakash Singh Bondili

    Open Source Monitoring Solutions Intern

    Programs: 2018

    I am a graduate student currently pursuing my master’s degree at UMass Boston with a strong computer science background. Extremely passionate about technology and constantly look for opportunities that enable me to use my current knowledge in software development to apply it in solving everyday problems. For instance, in the first year, I developed a UMass parking app for the commuters to solve parking issues. Everyone has midnight hunger, being the techie that I am, I innovatively developed a website for students to conveniently order food right from the comfort of their dorms

    Joining the dynamic Team of Host and Services IT Professionals as an Open source monitoring solutions intern under the supervision of David Plamondon. My Internship primarily focuses on the utilization of flex-pod environment and building out next-generation multiple dashboards using Grafana, Influx DB, Graphite DB, Python, and Data Scraping with the hyper-converged infrastructure to display real-time statistics for the storage, compute and network environment.

    Fun Activities:
    When I am not doing work in school or the office, you’d find me browsing the kickstart application, for its motto to “help bring creative projects to life” is one that I personally identify with. In addition, I love reading about Warren Buffet.

  • Gemaers Dorvil

    Gemaers Dorvil

    IT Engineering Intern - EPSIP

    Programs: 2018

    Gemaers Dorvil comes to us from Assumption College where he is a rising senior studying for a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics and a minor in Physics and Computer Science. Gemaers is joining UMMS through our EPSIP program, over the next several weeks Gemaers will be assisting in an effort to optimize our current QA process. Please connect with Gemaers here at LinkedIn.

  • Marloon Gonzalez

    Marloon Gonzalez

    IT Innovation Intern for Data Sciences & Technology

    Programs: 2018

    Marloon Paula Gonzalez is a recent graduate at Worcester Technical High School who will be attending the University of Massachusetts Lowell in the upcoming fall, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He brings about four years of computer-aided design (CAD) experience to his role as an IT Innovation Intern for Data Sciences & Technology in support of the D3 Health initiative. His current work contributions are mainly focused on 3D printing, modeling, and computer-aided design which is used to assist the UMass community in their research by designing and prototyping custom solutions. Whenever Marloon isn’t focused on his work or studying, he enjoys drawing, writing, and running.

  • Thomas William Hartvigsen

    Thomas William Hartvigsen

    IT Data Sciences Intern

    Programs: 2018

    Thomas William Hartvigsen is a PhD student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in the Data Science program.  His interests lie in Machine Learning on sequential data such as time series or text and he am excited to be developing and applying novel methods for clinical prediction tasks.



  • Meaghan Herstad

    Meaghan Herstad

    IT UX Intern - Academic Technology

    Programs: 2018

    Meaghan is a recent graduate of Kent State University, where she received her M.S. in Information Architecture and Knowledge Management, with a focus in User Experience Design. She is the first User Experience Design intern for the Academic Technology team and will work towards bringing user centered design to a variety of web services and applications. By working directly with end users, students and staff, she will help uncover root causes to common user difficulties and offer insights in the effort towards continuous improvement for Academic Technology customers. Meaghan will be investigating user experiences within the School of Medicine, the Center for Mindfulness, and the Graduate School of Nursing


  • Tyler Hubbard

    MGHPCC Intern

    Programs: 2018

    Tyler is pursuing an M.S. in Physics from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Tyler has a strong interest in high performance computing, data science and modelling complex systems. He is currently an intern for Data Science & Technology and works closely with the MGHPCC team to optimize and install cluster software, aid with GPU computing related tasks, and develop internal tools.

  • Wen Liu

    Wen Liu

    Predictive Analytics Intern

    Programs: 2018

    Wen Liu comes to us from WPI as a current PHD student. Wen is joining UMMS through our IT Innovation program and will be focusing on Machine Learning. Wen will look to create a repeatable process for UMMS IT to follow and establish to learn from the vast amount of data that we have today. Wen assists the UXDM Lab team at WPI with some of their work. Please find a reference to some of their work here. Please connect with Wen here at LinkedIn.

  • George Matthew

    George Matthew

    Systems Application Administration Intern

    Programs: 2018

    George is an undergraduate student at Worcester State University majoring in Computer Science with a concentration in Software Development.
    While in various customer service positions throughout high school and college, George sought to increase productivity and efficiency through the improvement of existing technologies and the development of new processes. What George enjoys most about the Information Technology field is that it enables everyone to achieve more, paving the way for advancement. As a Systems Application Administration Intern, George will be working to develop enhanced user access management protocols and processes for some of the University’s Cloud Based Enterprise software systems. This will drive improved consistency managing access and help to reduce security risks associated with user access and permissions within specific University software systems. He will also be looking at innovative approaches to streamlining the process of software requests and license activation by using integration technologies between various applications.

    When George is not busy working or going to class, he enjoys hiking, fishing, and being outdoors.

  • Mahima Parashar

    Mahima Parashar

    IT Engineering - Artificial Intelligence Bot Engineer Intern

    Programs: 2018

    Mahima is currently working on her Masters in Computer Science at Stony Brook University in New York which is situated on Long Island. Her passion and focus is Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining and Analysis of Algorithms. She has a Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology in Delhi. She graduated with first class honors.

    Joining the WolfPack team in IT Engineering, she is here for the summer months to work on an AI chat bot that can integrate with our current Genius Café live chat and the CMS (content management system). She will get to expand her experience with developing for the cloud and put her knowledge of AI and Machine Learning to practical use aiding customers looking for support in the CMS.

    When not at work, Mahima likes to read novels, enjoys reading everything on machine learning, she is avid movie goer, and there is always time for shopping to get acquainted with the local community.

  • Radhikaben Patel

    Radhikaben Patel

    Research SW Programming Intern i2b2-tranSMART

    Programs: 2018

    Radhika is currently doing her masters in Computer Science at UMass Boston and Instructor (TA-2) at UMass Boston for python scripting language course. She finished her M.Tech with specialization in Machine Intelligence where she published a Research Paper on Extracting Text from Degraded Document Image. She also did many innovative projects during Bachelors and Masters degree. When she was in India, she did volunteer teaching program for public primary school.

    In her free time, she likes playing games with family or friends and travel new places with them. She also likes to try (to cook and eat) different vegan dishes.

  • Caedon Sawabi

    Caedon Sawabi

    Programs: 2018

    Information Security Intern

    Caedon Sawabi is a graduate of Massachusetts Maritime Academy with a Bachelor of Science degree in International Maritime Business. His work experience involves maritime law and compliance as well as environmental safety. Now working within UMMS IT Security, Caedon hopes to expand his knowledge and experience in the information technology world to better understand the necessary practices of maintaining a successful business. Some of his duties include vendor management, applying best practices for protecting sensitive data and assisting in developing online resources for UMMS Services. 

  • Christy Scott

    Christy Scott

    Digital Strategy Intern

    Programs: 2018

    Christy Scott is a rising Senior at Framingham State University, studying Marketing. She is from Northborough MA; her passions are sports especially football and visual design. In her free time, Christy likes to play golf, volleyball, and hang out with friends. She has traveled through the US extensively. Christy will be working on raising our Digital Certainty Index Score, a metric based on a website's performance across three categories: Quality Assurance, SEO, and Accessibility. Christy will also be assisting in the marketing efforts of the IT Expo and other campaigns. 

  • Cansu Sen

    Cansu Sen

    IT Data Sciences Intern

    Programs: 2018

    Cansu Sen is a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute where she conducts research as a member of the Data Science Research Group (DSRG). Her research focuses on Machine Learning, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics and their applications to healthcare. Currently, she is working on deep learning models with attention mechanisms for patient-level classification using time series and clinical text data. She holds BS and MS degrees in Computer Science and Engineering. Prior to her graduate studies, she worked as a software engineer in the banking sector for three years. 


  • Megha Suvarna

    Megha Suvarna

    IT Software Development Intern

    Programs: 2018

    Megha Suvarna

    I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in Computer Science from Northeastern University, Boston. During the course, I worked on various projects related to web application development, search engine, and multiplayer games. Prior to this, I have worked for 3 years in an IT firm - Infosys in India as a Senior Systems Engineer. I have been very passionate about developing applications and have been pushing myself towards creating a strong base in this domain from my undergrad days.

    I am a good team player, self-motivated to learn new technologies, willing to shoulder responsibilities and dedicated to my work. Being a senior software developer, I was once offered the responsibility to take over a role which was much more responsible and senior as compared to mine. I decided to capitalize on this opportunity by systematically handling important client calls, understanding their requirements, implementing improved solutions and finally mentoring junior colleagues. At the end of the week, I managed to do a commendable job which convinced my manager to offer me this role as a full-time opportunity which was a significant professional milestone. 

    I got a lot of insights regarding UMMS and a few of the projects during my interview and I'm very inspired and excited to be a part of it! 

    As an innovation intern, I would like to do more than what I am hired for and contribute to your organization’s goals. 

    The day I started my Master's at NEU, I decided to accomplish my personal goals one at a time, that I had in my mind when I was younger, but couldn't achieve it for some reason. During my leisure times, I strive to complete these and I am on track by taking dance class sessions at my university.

    I am fond of cooking and finding recipes online and try to recreate them in my little kitchen.  


  • David Anavim

    David Anavim

    Digital Strategist Intern

    Programs: 2017

    I graduated from the University Of Connecticut with a B.S. in Business Marketing, a minor in Sociology, and certificates in both Digital Marketing and Analytics and Global Business Leadership in May 2016. I’m part of the web team (Wolf Pack) where my main focus is digital marketing using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. I work closely with Scott Dziewietin, Masha Zabaruk, Stan Prodanov, Sue Mandella, Leslie Rutter (Cosgrove), Jyothi Nagaraj, Nicholas DiFranco, and Willy Ci.

  • Elizabeth Ferreira

    Elizabeth Ferreira

    Digital Strategist Intern

    Programs: 2017

    Lizzy Ferreira is pursuing an Operations and Information Management Major from UMass, Amherst but was born and raised in Culver City, CA. During the year, Lizzy is a Lead Student Consultant at Help Desk at UMass, Amherst IT where she supervises 40 student consultants for Tier-1 support. Lizzy has also interned at Verite, a think tank that specializes in promoting fair labor world wide. There, she wrote and edited reports that determined millions of dollars of investment in companies around the world. Additionally, Lizzy is a governor of the UMass Economics Club where she coordinates weekly meetings with lots of pizza. When not working, Lizzy is passionate about photography and cooking delicious meals.

  • Khadija Cherkani Hassani

    Khadija Cherkani Hassani

    Software Intern

    Programs: 2017

    Khadija Cherkani Hassani is an international student from Morocco. She is a computer science sophomore at BHCC. While working at UMass Medical School, she was the IT Engineering Intern. She had the honor to work closely with the Luke Salsich, Tim Kontos, Ketan Parekh and Pete Bowers, under the supervision of Chris Milton and mentorship of Vincent Lee.

    During her time at UMass Med, she worked on the integration of UMass Med Profiles and ORCID, Open Researcher Contributor Id. She tested for programming bugs and worked directly with the client on gathering the requirements and also had a chance to initiate a partnership between UMass Med and Boston University technical teams.

    She was given the opportunity to utilize and develop her problem-solving skills. Khadija had the chance to develop good relationships with UMMS staff. Her experience helped her gain a valuable amount of knowledge. She learned new programming languages and developed many skills while working on her projects. Khadija is currently an Information Systems Security Intern at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center 

  • Zineb Cherkani Hassani

    Zineb Cherkani Hassani

    Software Intern

    Programs: 2017

    Zineb Cherkani Hassani is a Fulbright Scholar from Morocco. She is pursuing a Master of Science in Information Systems at Northeastern University. Prior to that, Zineb worked for 2 years as a project manager in Dial Technologies and Maroc Numeric Cluster where she has managed software development projects and helped the most innovative IT startups in Morocco with their go to market strategy. Zineb holds a Master of Electrical Engineering from Ecole Hassania des Travaux Publics where she graduate in June 2013. Zineb co-founded TIZI, a non-profit organization with over 1000 members that is promoting leadership and political engagement in Morocco. She was elected as President of the organization in march 2012. In December 2012, she was nominated as a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum and co-founded the Global Shapers Hub in Casablanca.


  • Da-Jun Robert Jin

    Da-Jun Robert Jin

    AR/VR Developer Intern

    Programs: 2017

    Robert is currently a Master’s student in Computer Science at Northwestern University. He graduated in 2016 with a BS in Electrical Engineering. Since coming to the States, he has worked at the Air Force Research Laboratory on software-defined radios, PhysIQ on healthcare data analytics, and Patisserie Coralie as a barista. During his time at UMass Med School, he worked closely with Willy Ci in developing 3D augmented-reality medical applications for Microsoft’s HoloLens using Unity and Visual Studio.

  • Sujitha Chandra Kumar

    Sujitha Chandra Kumar

    IT Database Architect Intern

    Programs: 2017

    I am a Master of Science in Information Technology student in my final semester at Clark University and I have a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and communications. I am interested in software development and also I have experience as Quality Assurance Engineer and a java developer. Here I am an IT Database Architect intern working with fix-IT team and I am involved in application development using MongoDB and Node.js technologies. I am excited about this project and finding it as a very good learning opportunity and also gaining a real world IT experience.

  • Sarat Lingamarla

    Sarat Lingamarla

    IoT Visualization Intern

    Programs: 2017

    I am a graduate student in Computer Science at the University of Cincinnati. I am interested in cloud computing and using it to improve applications. I’m working with the Networking team and over the next 6 months, I will be building a dashboard to monitor the IT and infrastructure statistics related to the data center at UMass. The dashboard will enable people in improving cost effectiveness and help them in making business decisions.


  • Daniel (Clay) Mangiameli

    Daniel (Clay) Mangiameli

    IT Engineering Innovation Intern

    Programs: 2017

    Clay Mangiameli is a graduate from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering. He comes to UMass with a year and a half of experience working as a biomedical development engineer at the Mayo Clinic. He joins the team as an IT Engineering Innovation Intern and will work under the supervision of Willy Ci. Clay’s internship will focus on anatomical modeling, computer-aided design (CAD), and 3D printing in order to further grow the 3D printing capabilities at UMass and better support the clinicians, medical students, and researchers. Outside of work, Clay enjoys spending time outdoors playing soccer, swimming, and slacklining. He also enjoys cooking and experimenting with food from around the world.


  • Yen Nguyen

    Yen Nguyen

    IT Engineering Strategist Intern

    Programs: 2017

    Yen Nguyen is currently a junior at the College of the Holy Cross majoring in Biology, minoring in Environmental Studies on the Pre-Med track interested in pursuing optometry. She has the honor to work closely with her supervisor Scott Dziewietin, and Wolf Pack members: Sue Mandella, Stanislav Prodanov, Jyothi Nagaraj, Willy Ci, Leslie Rutter, and Veronika Kolesnikova. Alongside the talented staff and interns that are always willing to help, Yen will mainly be working on digital marketing projects on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Through these projects, she will get to interact with health professionals and faculty from the medical school, where she will be learning how to use programs such as Pardot and Google Analytics.


  • Qiming (Timmy) Shi

    Qiming (Timmy) Shi

    Data Science Intern

    Programs: 2017

    I am a masters student in Geographic Information Science for Development and Environment program at Clark University, Worcester. I am interested in data analysis and geospatial analysis for public health and environment. I enjoy aiding others in spatial thinking and visualizing data. I am passionate to use my GIS skills and experience to develop a solution to correlate C. difficile infections (CDI) with geographical factors and utilize data mining and informatics approaches to develop a toolkit or dashboard for clinical use.



  • Christopher Afonso

    Christopher Afonso

    IT Security Intern

    Programs: 2016

    Chris Afonso was the Information Security – IT Innovation Intern in the Summer of 2016. As a rising senior at the University of Massachusetts – Amherst majoring in Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence sub track, this Internship would be a pivotal step in preparing him for a lifelong career in IT following his graduation in Spring 2017. During his time at UMass Medical IT, Chris was responsible for developing and deploying an IT Executive Security Dashboard that would serve to aggregate, analyze, and visualize various Information Security data sources for decision-makers. He worked closely with the Information Security team, a relatively small, yet extremely efficient and powerful team, to develop metrics from which IT Executives could come to informed conclusions surrounding the Information Security posture of the school. As part of the development process of the Dashboard he learned to use an enterprise grade Business Intelligence tool – Tableau, developed a report aggregator using Selenium, and interacted with various teams throughout IT to determine what metrics their tools could contribute to the process of continually improving UMMS IT’s Information Security program. Throughout his time as an Intern, he came to understand the importance of the following quote, from the security team’s leader, Brian Coleman: “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”, and aimed to apply it in the Dashboard he built. His supervisor Krystal Pedersen, and mentor Vincent Lee, would impart the importance of communication, efficiency, and thorough work that would serve him well into the future. His fellow intern classmates also amazed him with their outstanding skill-sets, and he’s sure that whatever professional path they take in life, other’s will experience the same amazement. He appreciates the opportunity to have worked with a group of world-class IT professionals and knows that the experience he’s gained will be invaluable in both his professional career and in life. He thanks everyone in UMMS IT for their support of his project, Go UMass!!!


  • Emily Goroza

    Emily Goroza

    Technology Development Intern

    Programs: 2016

    Emily Goroza was an intern at UMass Medical School during the summer of 2016. She is currently attending the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, as a second-year undergraduate pursuing her Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. She was considered a member of the Wolf Pack and worked on several technology projects under the supervision of Willy Ci at South St. Some of these projects include constructing a low-cost DLP 3D Printer entirely from scratch, developing iOS and Android applications, and experimenting with augmented reality and virtual reality medical solutions. On the job, she enhanced her technology innovation skills as well as her coding abilities, and made many new friends and professional connections. Working within the Information Technology department allowed Emily to pick up some amazing new experience and skills that will help her throughout the rest of her college career. She is very grateful to UMass Medical School and its entire IT department for this wonderful opportunity!


  • Hannah Gulla

    Hannah Gulla

    Software Developer Intern

    Programs: 2016

    Hanna Gulla worked as an IT intern at UMass Medical School during the summer of 2016 before her Junior Year at Gordon College where she is pursuing her bachelors of science in computer science. She had the honor to work closely with Nicholas DiFranco, Soctt Dziewietin, Sue Mandella, Paul Langlois, Chris Milton, Ketan Parekh, and Stanislav Prodanov. Hanna started working with Division by Zero on the Episerver Find project but later shifted into a project manager position working closely with Wolf Pack as well as the Office of Advancement. She was able to correspond between the developers and the customers for various organizations which includes but is not limited to the projects of PINK, ALS Cellucci Fund, Cancer Center of Excellence, Annual Report of Donors 2015, and Marlborough Hospital. She also had the opportunity to work with another IT intern Vivian Obodo and Stanislav Prodanov with Umass’s Gene Therapy Center. Together they were able to get 4 PI’s and the main Gene Therapy Center up and running on different platforms of social media including Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. Working within the Information Technology department allowed Hanna to learn where her passion really lies in the computer science field. She has gained a lot of experience and skills that she knows will help direct her into the correct concentration she would like to pursue. She now has a position she is striving for as she completes the rest of her college career. She is very grateful to UMass Medical School and the whole IT department for this opportunity that has gone beyond her expectations!


  • Tiffany Hua

    Tiffany Hua

    3D Printer Intern

    Programs: 2016

    Tiffany Hua graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in May of 2016 with a Mechanical Engineering degree. After graduation, she joined the team as the 3D Printing – IT Innovation Intern where she worked closely with her supervisor, Byron Deane, and ACIO, Dr. Jomol Mathew. Tiffany helped to implement the 3D Printing Services to support researchers and clinicians in the development of lab equipment, medical devices, and prosthesis. She acted as the sole technical design consultant to a number of lab clients and customers and was responsible for operating and maintaining the FDM and DLP 3D-printing systems, equipment, and hardware. During the six-month period, Tiffany managed to design and complete over 50 projects for 15 different clients and familiarize herself with new 3D software, tools, and processes. After the completion of the internship, Tiffany said that she is amazed with the creativity and ingenuity of 3D design and rapid prototyping and is glad to have had such a great learning experience here. She claims she owes her success here to her mentor, Veronika Kolesnikova, and supervisor, Byron Deane, for the guidance and mentorship throughout the internship. Tiffany has recently transitioned to a Device Engineer position with the Data Science and Technology team where she will engineer customized systems for research use to support researchers and clinicians here at UMMS.


  • Vivian Obodo

    Vivian Obodo

    Social Media Intern

    Programs: 2016

    Vivian Obodo worked as an intern at UMass Medical School in the summer of 2016. Vivian Obodo is now a junior at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth studying Computer Engineering. Her specific title was Social Media Intern. In this position, she had the opportunity to work closely with supervisors; Scott Dziewietin and Masha Zabaruk. She also had the pleasure of working with Wolf Pack members; Stanislav Prodanov, Sue Mandella, Willi Ci, Jyothi Nagaraj, Leslie Rutter, and Veronika Kolesnikova. During her time at UMass Medical School, Vivian had the opportunity to establish a weekly intern blog called “A Week in the life of an Intern.” This blog highlighted the experiences of the many interns that UMMS had this summer. Vivian also partnered up with fellow intern Hanna Gulla, and Wolf Pack member Stanislav Prodanov in establishing social media pages for the Horae Gene Therapy Center. Vivian specifically worked with the Punzo Lab and the Khanna lab in setting up Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for their individual labs. Within this internship with UMass Medical School IT, Vivian has gained skills like effective communication with different types of people, great time management skills, and an understanding that in every situation she finds herself in, she has the power to make it what she wants. We know that Vivian’s future will be bright and it is settling to know that we had a role to play in that fact.


  • Dronika Solanki

    Dronika Solanki

    Software Intern

    Programs: 2016

    Dr. Dronika Solanki has her PhD in High Energy Physics. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Computer Science at Brown University. She has experience with relational databases, user interface design, data visualization and analysis, and web development technologies. She was an intern at UMass Medical School and started to develop the “Honest Broker System”.


  • Vivenne Tulloch

    Vivenne Tulloch

    IT Security Intern

    Programs: 2016

    Vivienne Tulloch worked with the UMass Medical School Information Technology Security Department during the summer of 2016. She is currently a senior at the University of Maine, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Zoology with a Pre-Med concentration. Throughout the summer Viv worked to manage the Active Directory. She analyzed reports, reached out to UMMS employees, students, and coworkers, and collaborated with Human Resources, IDM, and the Student PeopleSoft system to identify patterns and issues within Active Directory accounts. She was able to help the majority of the manual cleanup in preparation for merging of two identity management systems this winter. As a student studying for a career in health professions, Viv was amazed by the advanced technology used and continually developed at UMass for health care and research. Impressed and inspired, she is looking forward to seeing these advancements in the future! Viv worked closely with Sri Lingamarla, her supervisor, who guided her and demonstrated the importance of networking, effective communication, and critical thinking – skills she knows will last a life time. She is incredibly thankful for the opportunity and experience with UMass Medical School and the IT Department and hopes to connect with UMMS again in her future!



  • Alvin Cordor

    Alvin Cordor

    IT Intern

    Programs: Earlier

    Alvin Cordor graduated from Worcester State University in 2014 with a bachelor degree in Computer Science. He was an IT intern during the summer of 2014. Alvin states that this internship exposed him to the real world work ethics and professional work principles that many college students and recent graduates lack. Alvin spent that summer working on the content management system migration project. He closely worked with the web services team; the Wolf Pack, a great team of IT experts that were always willing to teach him new things and introduce him to the world of Information Technology. He learned a whole lot of new software tools that were used during the content management system migration project such as Episerver and he was also introduced to the agile scrum methodologies. Working at UMASS IT department, handed Alvin the skills and experience that he needed coming from college and he states that he will always be grateful to UMASS Medical School IT for allowing him to be part of their team.   Alvin has since used his skills and experiences from UMASS to further advance his career and himself as a professional in the IT field. Alvin is currently working at Syntel INC as a software engineer, developing web applications for the banking industries. 


  • Jeffery Liang

    Jeffery Liang

    Search engine Optimization Intern

    Programs: Earlier

    While working at UMASS Medical School, Jeffery was the Search Engine Optimizer Intern. Coming into this internship program, he had little knowledge on search engine optimization. He worked with an experienced group of individuals from the IT department and was quickly brought up to speed. Every individual on the IT department played an important role in providing him with an amazing experience that expanded his knowledge and taught him valuable life lessons. He came to learn that wonderful projects are not spawned from a single individual, but from a collaborative effort of collected minds where differing specialized fields come together. This opportunity really broadened his view of teamwork. Sue Mandella orchestrated all the tasks at hand, providing a pathway for websites to be created. Willy Ci and Veronika Kolesnikova created innovative user friendly interfaces that aided in all sorts of medical school use. Masha Zabaruk created brilliant designs and logos that expressed an artistic and professional vision of UMASS. Leslie Rutter developed and maintained the web infrastructure of the UMASS website. Myra Zhinin tested and ensured that developed products met company standards. From this collaboration of brilliant minds, he was truly able to understand the value of teamwork. Even after this internship, Jeffery continues to use these experiences in all of his group projects. Since his time interning here, he has developed working graphical interfaces in group projects at Holy Cross. Jeffery states that he owes a lot of credit to the team at UMASS medical IT because they have inspired and taught him so much. He knows their knowledge will continue to emanate in all his future endeavors.


  • Benjamin Krinisky

    Benjamin Krinisky

    IT Intern

    Programs: Earlier

    While working as an intern, Ben was immersed in several projects involving the ASP.NET framework and Microsoft Dynamics CRM technologies.  He spent time programming, customizing and configuring various aspects of these projects while learning about many procedures that take place here.  With the tools provided to him it helped sharpen his skills in AngularJS, ASP.NET MVC, C#, and SQL. Most often, he worked with a team called the Utilitarian’s a team of 5 including him, and he learned a great deal from each of them. He also worked with people outside of his team. Ben states “The UMMS IT department is very welcoming. You can tap anyone for a consultation or to bounce ideas off of.” The most important idea that he has learned is that everyone is on the same team. We work together not only to meet our individual goals, but also to better our community. While working on projects, there were times when he hit a road-block.  My coworkers were there to help me when he needed an extra push to get things rolling.  One day there may be an intern who needs my help and Ben will extend this principle and do his best to assist him or her. Ben has accomplished a great deal at his time at UMMS. His abilities in programming have evolved, and the work that he has done has had a positive impact on our customers. One of the projects he worked on was even presented at the White House. He was recently hired as a result of his performance while interning here at UMASS.

  • Ben Mojica

    Ben Mojica

    IT Intern

    Programs: Earlier

    Ben Mojica  was a summer intern at Umass Medical School during the 1980’s. He was placed in the Umass Medical School IT Data Center through a program call Neighborhood Youth Corps. His summer project was to learn about a new Tektronix vector graphic system and plotter, and then teach the faculty and staff how to use the system. To do this, he  created a curriculum with objectives and ways to assess progress. He  will always be grateful for this invaluable experience, because it was the seed that started his career as an instructional technologist. Since his time at UMass he continued to work in the field of technology and education. Most notably, he worked  at the Harvard Medical School and the Harvard School of Dental Medicine for over 17 years. There he introduced new technologies into the Medical curriculum such as 3D imaging, haptic technology, learning management systems, and video production. Ben also developed flipped classroom environments. He continues to learn and improve his skills. In 2016 Ben graduated with a Master’s degree in Digital Media and Instructional Design from Harvard University Extension School. Recently, Ben joined the Academic Computing Services team at UMass Medical as a Senior Instructional Technologist. Here he gets to bring his many years of academic technology experience, even as he continue to develop his expertise and grow as an educational technology professional.


  • Tim Kontos

    Tim Kontos

    IT Intern

    Programs: Earlier

    Tim Kontos was an intern at UMass Medical School during the summer of 2005 before his senior year in high school. He came back as an intern after graduating in 2006, and stayed indefinitely. He worked primarily with the web team, helping Karen McHugh and Devesh Varma maintain UMass Medical School’s web presence. Tim also spent time helping different teams with automated testing, leveraging tools like Rational Robot. Projects such as a content migration from an old web content management system to a newer one, ensured an influx of work, necessitating Tim’s time as a valuable resource. While learning on-the-job technical skills like the basics of SQL Server, HTML and CSS, Tim was also given the opportunity to build interpersonal skills by communicating and interacting with coworkers and vendors efficiently and professionally. The skills and experience gained during Tim’s internship led to him being hired full-time as Web Developer, where he spent years working with the web team on a wide variety of projects for the Medical School. Tim spent time working with technologies like JavaScript, VB .Net, and a wide range of graphic design tools. Tim cannot express enough how helpful his coworkers on the web team were to him over the years (Leslie Rutter, Jyothi Nagaraj, Barrett Williamson, Susan Hall, Tony Wareck, Karen McHugh). “Not only did they helped me succeed in all my endeavors, no matter how difficult the task, but they encouraged and motivated me to learn new skills and grow professionally.” Tim has accomplished a great deal and been a part of many successful projects during his time at UMass IT. He has worked full-time at UMass IT since the time of his internship, and managed to earn his bachelors degree from Worcester State University along the way. Tim is grateful for the opportunities that UMass Medical School has provided him over the past 10 years. He is currently an Application Database Developer, working on a team that primarily focuses on mobile applications and newer technologies.

  • Veronika Kolesnikova

    Veronika Kolesnikova

    IT Intern

    Programs: Earlier

    Veronika is a graduate student at Clark University and will be graduating in May 2016 with her masters in Information Technology. She interned at UMMS IT for 2 semesters (May 2015 –December 2015). Veronika was a part of   the web team (Wolf Pack) in South Street where she customized Episerver, communicated with clients, participated in “Genius Bar” initiative, and created virtual tours. She worked with amazing, smart and great professionals, who soon became her second family: Leslie Rutter (Cosgrove), Masha Zabaruk, Scott Dziewietin, Jyothi Nagaraj, Willy Ci, Sue Mandella, Roderick Morales, Stan Prodanov and an undergrad intern Jeffrey Liang. She also worked with different people and teams for different projects. She had a chance to learn agile development technics, virtual tour creation process, and Episerver CMS development. She finished her internship in December and accepted a job offer from UMMS IT and will start in late February as an Application Database Developer.


  • Myra Zhinin

    Myra Zhinin

    IT Intern

    Programs: Earlier

    Myra Zhinin worked as an intern at UMMS IT from summer 2014 to May 2015. She had the honor to work  closely with; Leslie Rutter, Masha Zabaruk, Willy Ci, Nicholas DiFranco, Scott Dziewietin, Tim Kontos, Tony Wareck , Byron Deane, Sue Mandella, and Jyothi Nagaraj. Myra help migrate 200 websites from Content Management System (CMS) Extron to a new CMS; Episerver, assist in Windows XP migration project, help test new applications,develop and analyze new technological solutions to improve healthcare, connect with clients, and help  construct innovated  new sites for students, researchers and faculty. Working with the IT Engineers she quickly learned the value of teamwork and dedication. “The best part of this internship was that everyone had your back, regardless of experience. The IT department is  very friendly and I could always rely on someone for help or guidance.” Myra likewise learned the power of communication, Adobe software, TFS Visual Studio, QA testing, agile environment, and Episerver development. She indeed learned how to be a team player and also worked with different people and teams for different projects. Myra graduated from Assumption College in May 2015 with a B.A. in Chemistry and she is so appreciative for the opportunities she got to encounter while interning at UMMS IT. Myra accepted a full-time offer from UMASS Medical School IT as a QA Analyst Engineer in June 2015 and now is currently working as a Business Analyst for Research Computing under the leadership of Dr. Mathew; where Myra’s team is creating a catalog of rare research assets.