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Collaboration Tools

PRNSProfiles Research Networking Software is an NIH-funded open source tool to speed the process of finding researchers with specific areas of expertise for collaboration and professional networking. Profiles RNS imports and analyzes "white pages" information, publications, and other data sources to create and maintain a complete searchable library of web-based electronic CV's. Built-in network analysis and data visualization tools allow administrators to generate research portfolios of their institution, discover connections between parts of their organization, and understand what factors influence collaboration.

Profiles RNS self-populates a database of publication history, research interests, and professional relationships for each investigator in an organization. Integrated visualization and search tools make Profiles RNS easy to use, and its customizable look-and-feel allow Profiles RNS to be integrated into an existing website or set up as a stand-alone site. Profiles RNS data is also accessible through an API to power other applications.  To Log in to UMass Profiles, click here.


synergiestSynergist is a flexible, holistic, and scalable biomedical data marketplace and management framework that adheres to the FAIR guidelines. Components of Synergist include:

              • A mobile-friendly UI
              • Graph-based metadata catalog that enables intricate ways to model and explore research interconnections
              • Programmatically accessible RESTful API
              • Cloud-based storage for easy file upload and file management
              • Cloud-based computing for automated pipelines and hosted fully customizable, powerful analytical workspace provided by the JupyterHub platform.

Synergist integrates these independent containers together using Oauth2/OpenID Connect, an authentication and authorization mechanism. Finally, Synergist, with a scientific project at the center, provides a “Marketplace” feature that can drive collaboration by giving project owners and machine agents a place to discover and share metadata with the scientific community. Synergist maintains the single source of truth for all the data points by having a centralized system that handles data cataloguing, computing, visualization, exploration, and collaboration across all layers of data. To log in to Synergist, go here: