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Clinical Trial and Recruitment Core

The Clinical Trial and Recruitment Core treats data as a strategic asset and provides assistance in data and analytic approaches to accelerate research, develop effective learning healthcare models, enable cost-effective care, and train the next generation workforce.  In working with our hospital partners, we have established the UMMS Data Lake which is a large repository of data from heterogeneous clinical systems. As of 2018, we have data on 3 million patients over 78 million encounters.

The Clinical Trial and Recruitment Core provides the following services

  • Compliant Access to Dataobtain data
    • Data Consultation & Guidance
    • Data Integration
    • Data & Reports Delivery
    • Visualization & Analyticsconsultation
  • Data Innovation Research
    • Phenotyping & Prospective Disease Registries
    • Computing and Informatics Methods for Precision Medicine
    • Develop Innovative Systems for Data Collection, Integration, and Decision Support
  • Spearhead Data Collaborations

UMMHC clinical data from EPIC is routinely added into the Data Lake and we are readily able to supply the data required by your research study. Additionally, when the data being sought is not in Epic but rather in ancillary clinical systems such as PACS or bedside monitor systems, we will collaborate with the hospital IT team to get you access to the data. In most cases, we are able to help minimize or avoid manual chart abstractions.

If you need assistance with any data, please request a consultation with the Clinical Trial and Recruitment Core or visit How to Obtain Data for Research.