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Biospecimen Banking Tools

openspecimenOpenSpecimen is a biospecimen management application which facilitates users to track the collection, storage, quality assurance, and distribution of biospecimens along with creating derivatives and aliquots from existing ones. It allows users to find and request biospecimens that may be used in molecular or correlative research studies.

            • OpenSpecimen is adopted in 50+ biobanks in 14 countries including the US and internationally
            • Can be used to track biospecimens across multiple repositories
            • Bulk data upload for Biospecimen data collected using legacy systems or spreadsheets
            • Advanced query support through a friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) that allows users to retrieve complex data
            • User can define and track any number of specimen life cycle events
            • Biobanks can predefine and preload the configuration of storage containers which makes the Biobank’s day-to-day operation quick and easy
            • Maintenances of specimen order request, shipping and Tracking workflows
            • Integration with Epic (coming soon) & REDCap

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