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Insurance Matters

Student Health Insurance

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires that all students enrolled in a degree or certificate program at UMMS in SOM, GSBS, or GSN carry adequate and continuous health insurance coverage for hospitalization, emergencies, outpatient specialty care and diagnostic testing. The UMMS offers Student Health Insurance Plans (SHIP) with Blue Cross/Blue Shield (BC/BS) which is administered by University Health Plans (UHP). Plan information can be found on UHP website.

Students have an option to either enroll and purchase the BC/BS student plan (enrolled GSBS students: plan premium is paid by UMMS) or carry a comparable health insurance plan with a company of your choice.

Enroll/Waiver Process

1. Annual enroll/waiver during open enrollment period

Students are notified each year in June about health insurance information, requirement, online enroll/waiver instructions for the new academic year. For AY2021-22, please refer to the ANNOUNCEMENT "AY2021-22 Student Health Insurance – Important and Action Needed" for more details about this mandatory process.

Open enrollment period runs through August each year and EVERY student MUST complete the online enroll/waive process during open enrollment period of EVERY academic year via UHP website.

Open enrollment period is the only time when you can enroll for the annual coverage of the student plan and the only time to waive the student health insurance requirement with your own plan.

The student plan offers annual coverage of 12 months (9/1-8/31/next year, for all returning students and year 1 students starting in September), 13 months (8/1-8/31/next year, for year 1 students starting August), or 14 months (7/1-8/31/next year, for year 1 students starting July).

Annual health insurance premium is assessed on every student's fall semester bill but you are NOT enrolled in the student plan until you complete the enrollment process on UHP website. If you complete the waiver process via the UHP website, the premium will be removed from your student account.

2. Enrollment during the academic year after open enrollment period ends

Students are mandated to carry adequate health insurance without breakage of coverage. Students can contact the Bursar's Office to request enrollment in the student health insurance plan due to two situations:

When returning from Leave of Absence and in need of health insurance. Please complete the Health Insurance Enroll Waiver Card and return it to the Bursar's Office before resuming program study.

When losing your own insurance coverage due to a qualified life-changing event (e.g. terminated from parent's plan when turning 26, when parent losing job and health insurance). Please complete the Student Health Insurance Qualifying Event Enrollment Form AY21-22  and return to the Bursar's Office, along with other required items listed on the form within the time frame stated on the form.

The premium will be for coverage of the remainder of the policy year (included on the above listed Form). After the above required form, the termination letter from your prior insurance company, and premium payment is received by the Bursar's Office, your enrollment request will be sent to UHP for processing.

Student Disability Insurance

 Disability insurance is a mandatory insurance for all students enrolled in the School of Medicine (SOM). Coverage is provided by AMA-Sponsored Med Plus Advantage.  Benefits may be viewed by accessing the Med Plus Advantage website and entering program ID# 644204.  The annual premium is assessed on the student account in the fall semester of each academic year.