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Computer Resources

 IT, Information Technology for academic computing, provides access to PC's and MAC's for Flow Cytometry data distribution via a high-speed campus wide fiber optic backbone and for the permanent archival of data on our 10 terabyte server. The Flow Cytometry Core Facility provides workstations for data analysis - Mac and PC in the Flow Cytometry Core Facility which can be used on a sign out basis. Please call the Flow Cytometry Core Facility at 508-856-3276 for scheduling and training.

Current Cytometry software packages include:

  • FlowJo for state of the art cytometry analysis - both Mac and PC platforms via site-license, contact Dr. Rachel Gerstein for help or registration. Visit our Training page for more setting up FlowJo.
  • FCS Express - cytometry analysis with integration with Office apps - Registration Instructions
  • Modfit for cell cycle analysis
  • Gemstone for Probability State Modeling
  • FCAP for Cytometric Bead Array (CBA) analysis
  • Cytek Aurora Spectraflow software off-line workstation