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Cancer Nexus Blog

Read up on the Center's latest developments in cancer research, screening and prevention, as well as innovations in cancer detection and treatment.

  • Cancer-Research-Office.jpg

    UMass CRO Receives Recognition for Outstanding Performance

    The UMass Cancer Research Office has received national recognition from ECOG-ACRIN for outstanding performance in clinical trials research

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  • Research-Paper-Highlight-ShyamPatel.jpg

    New Research Sheds Light on Treatment for TP53-Mutant Blood Cancers

    Dr. Patel discusses his new research defining the clinico-genomic landscape of TP53 mutations in patients with AML

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  • Fight-Cancer-in-Dogs.jpg

    Using Comparative Genomics to Fight Cancer in Dogs and Humans

    By studying cancer in dogs, researchers at UMass Cancer Center are working to improve the outcomes and extend the lives of both human patients and pet dogs with cancer

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  • new-experimental-cancer-drug-study.jpg

    UMass Selected as Clinical Trial Site for New Experimental Cancer Drug

    UMass was selected as one of only a few sites around North America offering a phase I/II clinical trial involving intratumoral injection

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  • jamie-faro-cancer-nexus-blog.jpg

    Leveraging mHealth to Increase Physical Activity in Cancer Survivors

    Aiming to provide a direct linkage between providers and physical activity programs to conduct the patient referral

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  • craig-ceol.jpg

    Combating drug resistance in melanoma

    Ceol 's lab have developed a drug that targets this factor and is currently testing whether it can combat drug resistance when used in combination with current therapies.

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  • new-therapeutic-treatment-for-melanoma.jpg

    Teaming Up to Find New Ways to Treat Melanoma

    UMass Cancer Center researchers are developing new therapeutic treatments for melanoma that can be used alone or in combination with current therapies

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  • adapt2quit.jpg

    Innovative eHealth System Powered by Collective Intelligence Technology

    Personalized digital technology to address smoking-related health disparities developed by UMass Cancer Center researcher

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  • xue-wen.jpg

    Advancing Lung Cancer Therapy Using Genetic Tools

    Our studies have discovered that the genome (DNA) editing tool known as CRISPR-Cas9 can efficiently induce somatic genome editing in the lungs of adult animals. We designed various delivery vectors that could effectively deliver CRISPR editing components.

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  • cancer-control-and-prevention.jpg

    Cancer Prevention and Control Research at UMass Cancer Center

    Cancer Population Health Sciences research program investigates multi-level factors of cancer risk and treatment outcomes to implement effective cancer screening, prevention, and treatment

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  • scot-wolfe.jpg

    Paving the way for targeted cancer therapeutics

    We hope to understand how to develop targeted therapies that are effective at suppressing tumor formation in neurofibromatosis type 1, through work in various model systems.

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  • cancer-survivors-support-during-covid19.jpg

    COVID-19 Impact on Cancer Survivors' Physical Activity & Mental Health

    Study reveals digital physical activity and mental health support programs may help address ongoing needs of cancer survivors during and after the COVID-19 pandemic

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  • phase2-3-HPV-throat-cancer-Head-and-Neck-clinical-trial.jpg

    UMass Cancer Center is One of Two Sites in Massachusetts Offering a Study of Maintenance Immunotherapy for Throat Cancer

    A Phase II/III Randomized Study of Maintenance Nivolumab Versus Observation in Patients With Locally Advanced, Intermediate Risk HPV-Positive OPSCC

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  • paul-kaufman-card.jpg

    Chromosome Biology and its Role in Genome Stability and Carcinogenesis

    In earlier studies, we discovered that a human protein important for duplicating chromosomes also governs the three-dimensional localization of multiple proteins.

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  • mayuko-ito-fukunaga-card.jpg

    Promoting Patient–Provider Conversations About Lung Cancer Screening, During the Surge of Covid

    We have been working on a pilot research study that uses technology to facilitate effective communication between patients and healthcare providers about lung cancer screening.

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  • marcus-ruscetti-card.jpg

    Mobilizing the Immune System to Fight Lung, Pancreatic, and Prostate Cancers

    How to mobilize the immune system to target cancer? Our approach is to reactivate tumor suppressor pathways that are lost during tumor development, as a way to make tumors more visible and easier to target

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  • drammatic-phase3-clinical-trial.jpg

    UMass Cancer Center offers a Phase III Study of Maintenance Drug Therapy for Multiple Myeloma

    Aims to determine if adding daratumumab results in improved overall survival, improved response and MRD negativity

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  • arthur-mercurio.jpg

    Exploring the Molecular Cell Biology of Aggressive Carcinomas

    We are identifying mechanisms that account for the loss of differentiation and the highly aggressive behavior of these tumors

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  • sharon-cantor-card.jpg

    Advancing a New Understanding of Hereditary Breast Cancer Genes

    Our data indicate that chemotherapy works because it generates holes or gaps in DNA that are already present in cells lacking the hereditary breast and ovarian cancer genes.

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  • Leslie-Shaw.jpg

    Investigating Signaling Pathways That Drive the Progression of Breast Cancer

    My lab is interested in how signaling pathways initiated by growth factor receptors drive the progression of breast cancer.

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