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Managing My Chronic Medical & Mental Health Conditions Amidst COVID-19

Posted on: 6/22/20
Posted by: Anonymous

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The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted our world in a multitude of ways, including our healthcare system. I find this aspect of the pandemic particularly challenging because I have multiple medical conditions that require regular and frequent treatment, including inpatient hospital stays and surgeries. Like many others, my healthcare has been affected by the pandemic. It has been harder to manage my medical conditions, which has consequently led to an increase in mental health symptoms. Luckily, I recognized the warning signs that I was declining, such as feeling a lack of motivation and not reaching out to friends. I knew that I needed to act swiftly to maintain my recovery and prevent spiraling downward. First, I identified the difficult situations I have been encountering, which include having to semi-isolate, not receiving my typical mental health and medical care, and the challenges related to accessing emergency care. Next, I listed the challenging aspects of each of these situations. Finally, I listed coping skills and ways to adapt. Stick around because I am going to break it down below! 

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