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How I Use Lights to Manage My Mental Health and Brighten My Mood

Posted on: 2/27/20
Posted by: Anonymous

Alarm Clock 2.jpg

I am here today to shed some light (or lack thereof!) on how to survive the end of daylight saving time. Let’s face it—shorter days and less sunlight during the winter time takes a toll on one’s mental health. As someone living with multiple medical and mental health conditions, I can attest that this time of year can be difficult. During this time of year, I notice an increase in my own symptoms, including fatigue and a decrease in motivation. After multiple winters of suffering, I decided it was time to take action to reduce, or even eliminate, my symptoms. I tried countless coping skills unsuccessfully before learning about the creative use of lights. I was shocked to discover that lights can be a highly effective coping skill! Keep reading to learn how I use this quick and simple strategy throughout the day to manage my physical and emotional wellbeing.

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