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2017 Tampa Research & Policy Conference

30th Annual Research & Policy Conference on Child, Adolescent, and Young Adult Behavioral Health

Presentations from Transitions RTC

Developing an Integrated Model of Career Services for Young Adults with Mental Health Conditions: The HYPE Project (Symposium)
Presenters: Michelle Mullen, Marsha Ellison, Katie Holloway, Rachel Stone, Kathryn Sabella 

  • Initial Development and Research Activities of “Helping Youth on the Path to Employment (HYPE)”
  • Process of Developing Agreement between National Experts and Young People with Lived Experience
  • Utilization of Participatory Action Research in the HYPE Project: A Youth Panel

A New Vision of Leadership and Involvement: Youth and Young Adult Peer Support
Presenters: Jonathan Delman, Vanessa Klodnick, Nev Jones 

The Influence of Mental Health Disorders on Education and Employment Outcomes for Serious Adolescent Offenders Transitioning to Adulthood
Presenters: Carol Schubert and Edward Mulvey 

The Education, Training and Employment Experiences of Young Adults with Serious Mental Health Conditions
Presenters: Kathryn Sabella, Laura Golden, Emma Pici D’Ottavio, Kathleen Biebel

Peer Coaches Promoting Academic Success for College Students
Presenters:  Amanda Costa and Laura Golden 

Transition-Age Youth Psychotherapy Experiences (Poster)
Presenters: Emma Pici D’Ottavio, Amanda Costa, Laura Golden