Deep Sequencing Services

Analysis Order Form ( February 2013 )

Sample Submission Instructions ( click here )

New Illumina TruSeq Prep Guides

    TruSeq RNA (click here)
    TruSeq Small RNA (click here)
    TruSeq DNA
(click here)

Chromatin IP Library Protocols

   Illumina Chromatin IP ( click here ) logspiral
   Newer Illumina ChIP Seq Prep (
click here)
  Data Sheet (Data Sheet )
   Core Lab Notes ( 
click here )
   SOLiD 4 Chromatin IP (
click here)

Genomic DNA Library Protocols 

  Illumina Genomic DNA ( click here ) 
  Core Lab Notes ( click here )   

Small RNA Library Protocols

   Illumina Small RNA Protocol NEW ( click here )
   Illumina Small RNA ( click here )
  Mello Lab small RNA ( click here )
NEW and IMPROVED 14 JULY Mello Lab small RNA ( click here )

Expression/cDNA libraries

     Illumina Protocols (long) available from core lab, please email and request them.

Paired-End Sequencing

Paired-End runs are done monthly or as needed. Paired-End libraries must be made with the PE Primer sets. A PE library can be run as a single-read sample on a standard flow cell, but standard libraries CANNOT be run on a PE platform.

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