• Clinical and Translational Research
  • Engaging communities and stakeholders
  • Integrating mindfulness and stress reduction
  • Promoting healthy behaviors
  • Training providers and mentorship
  • Health equity


The Division of Preventive and Behavioral Medicine was founded in 1983 by Judith K. Ockene, PhD, MEd, MA. It is supported by NIH grants, foundation grants, funding from voluntary organizations and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health; revenue from clinical services and educational programs; and funding from the Department of Medicine and the University of Massachusetts Medical School. 

Message from the Chief

judith ockene

We are working in exciting and challenging times. Exciting, given the rapid pace by which science and technology are advancing and the new ideas of our faculty and staff are evolving. Challenging, given that less funding is available and there is strong competition for it. As a division we embrace a shared vision: “Healthy behaviors, healthy people and healthy communities” and understand that strong partnerships, creativity, diversification and flexibility are needed.

We have an amazingly innovative and talented team of staff and faculty. At this point our funding continues to be robust with several new grants coming in each year. In thirty years working as a team we have accomplished a lot and are going strong. Thank you for all that you do and are, and for the commitment, passion, and joy you bring with you each day.

News and Announcements

Lori Pbert, PhD: Provide practical guidelines for pediatric practice in smoking cessation.

Barbara Olendzki, RD, MPH: Access to healthy food limited in many Central Massachusetts communities.

Sherry Pagoto, PhD: Will the Apple Watch Make People Healthier?

Sherry Pagoto, PhD: New App Promises To Curb Stress Eating (WBZ-TV).

Judson Brewer, MD, PhD, explains how meditation techniques can help people focus on ABC News.

Yunsheng Ma, MD, PhD: Focusing on fiber may work for weight loss.

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Spring 2015 Classes

Cooking Classes

Hosted By: Jennifer Fournier, RD, LDN (Center for Nutrition)
Location: Second floor of the Shaw building on the corner of Lake Ave N & Route 9
Dates: Various
Time: 5:30pm to 7:30 pm

Spring and Summer 2015 Classes

Stress Reduction Program

Hosted By: Center for Mindfulness
Location: Hoagland Pincus Building, Shrewsbury
Dates: Various
Time: Various
Spring, 2015 (Community Events)

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Hosted By: Center for Mindfulness
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