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Philip Feinberg, MD/PhD student

        Philip Feinberg

You came to UMass Medical School from New York. Why?
I was really impressed with the rising success of UMMS and the strong sense of collaboration that could be felt throughout the institution. In selecting a school for my MD/PhD training, I wanted to be where great minds from different disciplines could work together to solve the scientific problems of our generation. It was important for me to study where innovation was celebrated and progress in translational medicine was the goal. It became quite clear that UMass Medical School was the right place for me. 

What are you working toward?
I’m a second year MD/PhD student interested in studying the brain. I will be focusing my thesis work in neurobiology and am looking to pursue a career in neurosurgery. My past research has focused on understanding how neurons in the brain specialize and survive throughout a lifetime, and this is an area that I hope to explore further in my research at UMMS. 

What do you hope to accomplish professionally?
My hope is to help bridge the divide between the progress we see in the lab and its application into therapeutics for the clinic. As a physician/scientist I would like to lead clinical investigations that focus on neurodegenerative disease and bring us closer to effective treatments.