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Peter Chai, MD, assistant professor of emergency medicine

        Peter Chai, MD

What is your role and how does it support the overall institution?
I am an emergency physician and medical toxicologist with a research interest in the intersection of technology and health. I take care of patients in the emergency room daily, and I wonder how I can improve my care, and deliver emergency care to patients not only in the ED, but outside at home. I would like to extend our reach of medical care so that we start caring for patients at home, on the street, wherever they are when they encounter difficulty with their health. We have an exciting multidisciplinary research team in the department of emergency medicine and division of medical toxicology that I am confident will one day make this a reality.

What part of your job brings you the greatest satisfaction?
Opening new lines of investigations, understanding how we can better care for our patients is probably the best satisfaction in my job. Every day I get to learn something new-- technology, programming, medicine, or a combination of them all. I get to work with some of the most innovative minds in medicine, engineering and software programming. 

What is it about the Medical School that keeps you here?
The medical school has a combination of innovative physicians, engineers and software designers. I'm excited about working with future technology and IT and all of the technical expertise they provide. In addition, we have an excellent research infrastructure and an innovative CCTS which allows us to conduct our research.