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Stephanie Carreiro, MD, assistant professor of emergency medicine

  Stephani Carreiro, MD

What is your role and how does it support the overall institution?
I am an assistant professor of emergency medicine and a medical toxicologist. My clinical practice includes providing emergency care in the ED as well as consulting on patients who are affected by drug overdoses, drug withdrawal or poisoning. My research is inspired by the devastating consequences of substance abuse disorders that I routinely see in my clinical practice and focuses on the utilization of novel technologies to improve our detection and treatment of substance abuse disorders, specifically opioid and cocaine abuse. My research team uses mobile biosensors (wrist-mounted devices similar to a fitness tracker) to identify drugs and the behaviors that surround their use as they occur in real time.

What part of your job brings you the greatest satisfaction?
My position as a clinician–scientist allows me to take a significant problem that I see in my clinical practice (i.e. opioid abuse) and work with experts throughout the institution to develop and research innovative solutions that will directly benefit my patients.

What keeps you at UMass Medical School?
After completing my toxicology fellowship at UMass, I chose to stay on board as a faculty member because of the expert mentorship and the collaborative research environment. Overall there is a real sense of support throughout the entire institution for research and scientific advancement that fuels the great work being done here.