15th Annual Gerald F. Berlin Prize for Creative Writing Award Ceremony & Readings

The Lamar Soutter Library will be hosting an awards ceremony on May 1 at noon in the Blais Pavilion to recognize the outstanding writers who submitted works to be considered for the Gerald F. Berlin Prize for Creative Writing Award. The top submissions were from UMMS medical students Supreetha Gubbala and Hillary Mullan. Honorable mentions were given to 7 individuals, 5 of which were UMMS medical students: William Coughlin, MaryKate Driscoll, Sarah Ohnigian, Deniz Cataltepe, and Shivkumar Bhadola! Join us in congratulating these outstanding writers! You can learn more about the event and submissions here: https://library.umassmed.edu/news-events/lsl-now/berlin-awards-ceremony-and-readings-2019.

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