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Transcript Request

In order to obtain a transcript, a signed request is required. An electronic information request form can be accessed here. The request may also be made in the form of a letter that must include the following:

  • Printed name and signature
  • Any former name(s) used on university records
  • Current address, telephone number and email address (if any)
  • Date of birth
  • Graduate degree received
  • Graduation date and/or dates of attendance
  • Complete address where transcript is to be sent
  • Number of copies requested

There is no charge for transcripts. Transcripts are sent via first-class mail and sent within (2) working days after the written request is received.

When requests are made in person, appropriate documentation for identification such as a student picture ID or driver’s license is required. Telephone and email requests are not accepted.

File copies of undergraduate and/or graduate transcripts from another institution will not be released (back) to the student or to a third party. The request will be returned to the student or third party with a statement explaining the policy.