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Mindful Healthcare

Related Provider Resources

University of Wisconsin, Department of Family Medicine
Mindfulness in Medicine: Improving Clinician and Community Health

Access online resources to support the well-being of physicians, medical students and their patients

 UCSD Center for Mindfulness: Mindfulness-Based Professional Training Institute 

Access information on workshops and retreat-style professional trainings for physicians and other health professionals

Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA) Center for Mindfulness and Compassion (CMC)

CMC aims to enhance the health and well-being of CHA’s diverse community by integrating mindfulness and compassion into health care. Learn more about their values, vision and current projects: 

The Science of a Meaningful Life Video Series: How to Sustain Compassion in Health Care

Robert McClure, LCSWdiscusses how mindfulness can help sustain compassion in health care workers.

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