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Addiction Fellowship-Trainees



Zafar Naqvi, MD
Addiction Fellow



  • I have earned my M.B.B.S(M.D.) degree from Dow Medical University, Karachi, Pakistan
  • I was then trained in Psychiatry Agha Khan University Hospital which is the state of the art hospital in South Asia
  • After that I went to England and during my sojourn in England I was trained through Royal College of Psychiatrists and also obtained a Psych.D in Psychiatry and Mental Health from University of KEELE
  • After migrating to the US, I completed my fellowship training in Psychodynamic Psychiatry from Philadelphia Centre of Psycho-analysis
  • Completed my residency training from Philadelphia in 2010

Research Interests:

  • Addiction Psychiatry
  • Psychodynamic Psychiatry
  • Anorexia Nervosa
  • Bulimia
  • Obesity
  • PTSD

Contact Information:
Feel free to email me at

Teo-Carlo Straun, MD
Addiction Chief Resident


Prior to moving to the U.S. some fifteen years ago, I grew up enjoying the hot weather and white sand beaches of the U.S. Virgin Islands. My undergraduate studies led me to the so called "Garden State" of New Jersey. There, I attended UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and by some strange luck ended up in the even colder climate of Worcester (pronounced "woos-ta"), Massachusetts. I joined one of the BEST residency programs in the country allowing me to have unlimited opportunities and the support required to achieve my academic and personal goals. I am currently in my PGY 4 and the very first Addiction Chief Resident at Umass. "Why addictions?" many may ask. Addiction truly acknowledges some of the most important domains in an individual's life--addressing one's biological, psychological, sociological and spiritual needs.

Like Justin Timberlake said in his very popular song "I'm bringing SEXY back"... My goal is to bring ADDICTION psychiatry back, or to the forefront rather so that our patients can receive most comprehensive care possible.

Academic/professional interest includes:
- Addiction in Adolescents
- Neurobiology of Addictions
- Dual diagnosis
- Sport psychiatry
- Community psychiatry
- Advocacy and policy change
- Addressing health care disparities amongst minorities, especially men of color.


Mario Chen, MD
Addiction Fellow


Hi, I am the first fellow of this great Program. I am originally from Costa Rica, born from Chinese parents. I finished my medical school with University of Costa Rica and did my first Residency training in Psychiatry with the National Psychiatric Hospital. In 2001, I joined Mt. Sinai School of Medicine Psychiatry Residency Program at Elmhurst Hospital Center and 3 month after my arrival, we all witnessed the tragedy of 9/11. The following year, I joined University of Maryland/Sheppard Pratt Hospital. I graduated in 2005 to work with Oregon State Hospital and after 4 years of emphasis on forensic populations and severely mentally ill in the beautiful Northwest Pacific, University of Massachusetts opened its door for me to pursue a ACGME approved Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship under the leadership of nationally and internationally renowned teachers, mentors, clinicians and researchers.

A year has come and gone fast. I have enjoyed the intellectually stimulating learning and supportive working environment in UMass as I came to know. The fruitful exchange and collegial learning from a diverse patient population both in need and strength took place in a variety of settings across the continuum of services including Psychosomatic Medicine, Medical Toxicology, Emergency Mental Health Service, Tobacco Consultation, Buprenorphine Clinic, Addiction and Comorbidity Treatment Service, Westborough State Hospital and Worcester State Hospital. From our strong community partners such as AdCare Hospital, Community Health Link and Spectrum Health Systems, I have had the opportunity to work in settings representing all ASAM Patient Placement Criteria, from Opioid Replacement Program to Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient, Residential Treatment to Medically Managed Intensive Inpatient. Additionally I have had the opportunity to acquaint special population and treatment models through Motivating Youth for Recovery, Therapeutic Community and Mother and Child Program.

The Program I am leaving is a vibrant and constantly growing one. It offered me ample opportunities to lead and participate in research, teaching and publication. Our Department Chair, Dr. Ziedonis, has a special working group to mentor interested physicians in research, grants and award writing. The Program offers broad connections near and abroad. An example is the ongoing Addressing Tobacco Cessation Through Organizational Change in China, a country with 360 millions of smokers. Future fellows will have an even richer repertoire of electives to include Bedford VA Hospital and Massachusetts Correctional Institute in Framingham.

It is with a grateful heart I leave UMass to my home in Salem, Oregon. I will be joining the continuous effort at Oregon State Hospital to provide state of the art addictions and mental health care under the leadership of Addictions and Mental Health Division and Oregon Department of Human Services. Upon my arrival, I will see this historical hospital famously appeared in Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest welcoming a brand new hospital building scheduled to be inaugurated in later part of 2010. The people of Oregon deserve the best mental health care the committed staff in Oregon State Hospital are able to deliver. It will be my privilege to contribute, coordinate and apply the added expertise for and to this much loved and needed population.

Last, I am humbled by the wonderful opportunities that life has blessed me and grateful to all who are part of it. If I can be of any assistance to your professional pursuit or career advancement, please do not hesitate to contact me at; it will be my privilege to multiply the much I have received. Success and Luck.


Current Position

Currently, I am a staff psychiatrist for the Oregon State Hospital in its Forensic Psychiatry Service.  I lead an Interdisciplinary Treatment Team consisting of Psychologist, Social Worker, Recreational Therapist, Mental Health Specialist, Treatment Care Plan Specialist. The goal of this treatment team is to provide all of our patients with high quality recovery oriented care that is patient centered.

Additionally, I sit on the Medical Allied Health Professional Executive Committee and I also chair the Oregon State Hospital Utilization Review Committee