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Psychology Predoctoral Interns

The Division of Addiction Psychiatry offers an outpatient rotation for pre-doctoral psychology interns through the Addiction and Co-Morbidity Treatment Services (ACTS). This rotation is one of the options within the broader Ambulatory Psychiatry Services rotation of the pre-doctoral internship accredited by the American Psychological Association. The interns engage in the ACTS rotation for 6 to 12 months, typically from 4 to 8 hours per week, and are provided with didactic and clinical training opportunities with individuals who are seeking outpatient treatment for substance use disorders, often combined with other psychiatric disorders and chronic medical conditions. Didactic materials focus on assessment, treatment, and peer-based approaches. Clinical opportunities consist of conducting intake assessments and psychotherapy under the supervision of a psychologist specializing in treatment of addiction and co-occurring disorders. Moreover, the interns join the multidisciplinary ACTS team that includes psychologists, clinical social workers, addiction counselors, psychiatrists, and nurses. Through these multidisciplinary interactions, the interns can learn about and observe the application of various treatment modalities, such as pharmacotherapy with buprenorphine for treatment of opioid dependence. In addition to engaging with the ACTS team, the interns are welcome to participate in a rich variety of endeavors within the Division of Addiction Psychiatry. These include participation in clinical seminars and research meetings, and involvement in clinical research studies conducted by the Addiction Division faculty.