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Global Health Pathway

The Global Health Pathway (GHP) is an elective, four-year program at the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) that trains and supports medical students to be future leaders and providers in global health. The GHP selects medical students through an application process at the start of their medical school training and provides them with longitudinal curriculum and opportunities to gain experience in clinical, research, public health and cultural experiences with underserved populations in two major categories: those currently living outside of the U.S. or those that are living inside the U.S. with recent international origins, such as immigrant or refugee populations.

Rural Health Scholars Pathway 

The MassAHEC Rural Health Scholars Pathway is an interprofessional learning experience for medical (including PURCH) and advanced practice nursing students; the Pathway’s aim is to nurture the interest of students who want to explore practice in rural and small-town communities. This is accomplished in part through providing placements with and opportunities to meet and to be mentored by others in the medical, nursing, public health, population health and governmental sectors as well as other health care disciplines who are working to meet the needs of rural and small-town communities. Enrollment is determined through a competitive application process.

Urban Health Scholars Pathway

The MassAHEC Urban Health Scholars Pathway offers you the opportunity to work with diverse patient populations, pursue individual passions, and explore what it means to partner with undeserved urban communities. Enrollment is limited to 10 students selected through a competitive application process. For more information, please contact Linda Cragin, Director, MassAHEC Network.