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Team Members

Leadership Team

  • Melissa Fischer, MD, MEd
  • Patricia Seymour, MD
  • Manas Das, MD, MS
  • Mitch Gitkind, MD
  • Ashton Gunn, MEd
  • Sam Fox, MS2
  • Jillian Belgrad, MS2
  • Alec Gramann, MS2
  • Sarah Calove, MS2

Advisory Committee

  • Anne Larkin, MD
  • Sonia Chimienti, MD
  • Mariann Manno, MD
  • Maria Garcia, MD
  • Kevin Hinchey, MD
  • Mary Zanetti, EdD
  • Michael Baker

Build Teams Membership (PDF)

Build Team Spokespersons

  • Principles 1: Jill Zitzewitz, PhD
  • Principles 2: Lisa Hall-Anderson, PhD
  • Blood, Immunity, and Infection: Christopher Sassetti, PhD
  • Skin and Musculoskeletal System: Jonathan Cheah, MD
  • Nervous System and Behavior: Sue Gagliardi, PhD
  • GI System: Jeanmarie Houghton, MD, PhD
  • CVS System: Matthew McGuiness, MD, MEd
  • Respiratory: Maksim Zayaruzny, MD
  • Urinary System: Jason Kurland, MD
  • Endocrine/Repro: Susan Zweizig, MD
  • Clinical Team: Raquel Belforti, DO
  • Clinical Integration Team: Howard Sachs, MD

Longitudinal Consultants: Biomedical

  • Mark Dershwitz, MD, PhD (Pharmacology)
  • Maged Soliman, MD, PhD (Pharmacology)
  • Lela Giannaris, PhD (Anatomy)
  • Chris Cerniglia, DO, MEng (Imaging)
  • Manas Das, MD (Histology & Embryology, Physiology)
  • Eric Ko, MD, PhD (Cancer Concepts)
  • Kerri Gosselin, MD, MPH (Nutrition)

Longitudinal Consultants: Required Benchmark Focus Areas

  • Mitch Gitkind, MD (Health Systems Science)
  • Martin Reznek, MD, MBA (Health Systems Science)
  • Yasmin Cater, PhD (Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion)
  • Jules Trobaugh, MFA (Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion)
  • P.Y. Fan, MD (Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion)
  • Sarah Forrester, PhD (Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion)
  • Susan Hogan, MD (Determinants of Health)
  • Suzanne Cashmann, DSc (Determinants of Health)
  • Raquel Belforti, MD (Early Clinical Alignment)

Pathways Team

  • Melissa Fischer, MD, MEd
  • Patricia Seymour, MD
  • Manas Das, MD, MS
  • Ashton Gunn, MEd
  • Sylvia Corvera, MD
  • Suzanne Cashman, DSc
  • Linda Cragin
  • Anindita Deb, MD
  • Rachel Gerstein, PhD
  • Jill Terrien, PhD, ANP-BC
  • Mary Marchese, Student Representative (Diversity)
  • Martin Reznek, MD, MBA (HSS consultant)

Three-Year MD Team

  • Anne Larkin, MD
  • Melissa Fischer, MD, MEd
  • Patricia Seymour, MD
  • Manas Das, MD, MS
  • Mariann Manno, MD
  • Mary Zanetti, EdD
  • Gail March Cohen, PhD
  • Scott Kopec, MD
  • Stacy Potts, MD
  • Beth Murphy, MD
  • Yael Dvir, MD
  • Deborah DeMarco, MD
  • Rebecca Blanchard, MD, MEd
  • Eleanor McClements
  • Marilyn Leeds

Learner Assessment and Progression Team

  • Tracy Kedian, MD
  • Christine Woolf, PhD
  • Robert Le, MD
  • Chrsitina Kunycky, MD
  • Michele Carlin
  • Emily Fan, MD
  • David Chiang, MD