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Collegial and Friendly Environment


One of the things that sets UMass apart from other programs is the truly collegial and friendly environment that pervades the medical center and the Department of Neurology specifically.  The program leadership sets the tone as one of collegiality, professionalism, respect, accountability and approachability. The residents treat each other like family and are a supportive group of individuals despite the diversity of their backgrounds and experiences.                                               

Residents are often organizing social activities, including dinners, regional trips to New Hampshire, Vermont or New York, or casual get-togethers.  Pictures, educational opportunities and articles of interest are posted to the residency facebook page ( which is accessible by both residents and faculty.

The program’s open-door policy ensures good communication and feedback is sought from residents and used to improve the program and respond to issues.  Several innovations and changes to the program that have been implemented in response to resident feedback include but are not limited to:

  1. The adaptation of the X+Y block schedule
  2. Senior Triage Resident
  3. Hiring of NPs for inpatient services
  4. Maintaining a dedicated consult attending
  5. Revised Attending Preceptoring Guidelines for clinic

This policy of the residency program, attitude and personality of the faculty and open communication and openness to feedback ensure that residents concerns are heard and that the program will continue to strive to find ways to improve.