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  The MBCL, DSCL, and PBCE will be closed for Thanksgiving on November 23rd and 24th. No orders will be processed or delivered during that time, and there will be no sample pickup. We will re-open on Monday the 27th. Have a great holiday!    leaves

Molecular Biology Core LabsMolecular Biology Core Labs logo

The Molecular Biology Core Labs (MBCL) provide the UMASS community* with the cutting edge resources needed to perform your molecular biology research efficiently and inexpensively.

The MBCL is located at 222 Maple Ave in Shrewsbury. Visitors are seen by appointment only.

Email us at MBCL@umassmed.edu

*Other institutions and research groups are eligible to use many of our services. However, pricing may vary. Off-campus users should contact us for a quote.
( MBCL@umassmed.edu )

The MBCL provides the following services:

    • Oligo Discount Program- Our partnership with IDT provides investigators with DNA/RNA oligos and gBlocks at a discount through the MBCL.
    • Reagent Program- We offer discounted pricing on TAQMAN, qPCR reagents, enzymes, etc. from ThermoFisher (Life Technologies/Ambion), and Empirical Biosciences. Save yourself the shipping charges. We deliver to your mailroom!
    • Fragment Analyzer Service- Submit DNA/RNA samples to be analyzed for accurate sizing, concentration, and RNA quality numbers.
    • Sanger Sequencing and GeneMapper/ARISA (Genotyping)- Value priced, and next business day delivery!

Sample Drop Off Locations:

  1. LRB - 6th floor copy room
  2. ASC - 8th floor room 2058
  3. Biotech 2 - fridge or freezer in the hall outside of room 207.
  4. 222 Maple Ave. Shrewsbury, MA - Rose Gordon Building, 1st floor. Available weekdays from 8AM to 5PM  (Email us if you leave samples here).

Samples get picked up at 11:00 AM every Monday through Friday.

Letters of Support

For a letter of support for a research grant or project, please provide the same format and information as requested for Deep Sequencing support letters [click here].

In case of extreme weather (bad or good), deliveries and sample pickup may be
postponed. The MBCL is closed when UMassMed is on "inclement weather alert“.
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