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January 2020
Both Nick and Janelle leave the lab to start their careers! Congrats to these two stellar scientists! 

Janelle’s paper is accepted at JBC! 

November 2019
A new preprint from the lab is live here.

We describe the structure of small terminase protein a thermophilic phage, which shows that the helix-turn-helix domains have a fixed geometry. This has major implications for TerL- and DNA-binding. Congrats to all, especially first author Janelle! 

October 2019
Dr. Janelle Hayes gives a presentation at the 4th New England Cryo-EM Symposium.  

September 2019
Grad student Janelle Hayes successfully defends her thesis! Congrats Dr. Hayes. 

Christl Gaubitz gave a great oral presentation at the Cold Spring Harbor Lab Eukaryotic DNA Replication Meeting, and Joe Magrino presented a poster.

July 2019
Lab member Nick Stone is a graduate student no more! Nick did a stellar job and defended his thesis on July 9th. Congrats Dr. Stone!

Nick’s paper is accepted at Nature Communications! Double congrats Nick! 

BK presents at the Phage and Virus Assembly Meeting in Minnesota. 

June 2019
Grad student Xingchen Liu joins the lab! Welcome to the lab Xingchen! 

May 2019 
Postdoc extraordinaire Christl Gaubitz presents her work at the New England CryoEM Meeting.

April 2019 
BK presents the lab’s work at both Northwestern and Tufts Universities. 

March 2019
Grad Student Jacob Landeck joins the lab! Welcome to the lab Jake! 

February 2019
Emily Agnello joins the lab! Welcome to the lab Emily! 

January 2019 
The Kelch Lab was awarded a 5 year R01 grant entitled "Structural mechanisms of sliding clamp loader ATPases" from the National Institutes of Health on February 1st, 2019.

The Kelch Lab was also awarded an R21 grant from the National Institutes of Health, specifically the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease titled "Structural mechanism of a DNA polymerase critical for developing antibioticresistance" on February 1st, 2019.  

We will be using the state-of-the-art high-resolution cryoEM facility at UMMS to determine structures of these complexes. Work on these projects has already begun and we are looking to hire additional help for each project. Any interested Postdoc should send a letter of interest and a CV to Dr Kelch directly at 

January 2019
BK presents at the GRC Physical Virology Meeting in Ventura CA.  

November 2018
1st year grad student Jacob Landeck rotates in the lab. Welcome Jacob! 

November 2018 
Nick’s 2.8Å cryoEM structure of a thermophilic phage capsid is deposited on biorxiv. This is the lab’s first (of many) cryoEM structures to hit the market. Read about it here

August 2018
The National Science Foundation (NSF) awards a 5 year grant to the Kelch lab. The grant funds the lab’s work on virus genome packaging motors, which are exceptionally powerful motors that are important drug targets in herpesviruses. The award also funds BK’s outreach efforts with area Worcester high schools. For more about the outreach, read about it in this article here

July 2018
Nick’s paper on phage decoration protein structure, stability and evolution is published in Structure. See it here

Nick was trying to get the cover with this awesome cover art from co-author Brendan Hilbert. Unfortunately, Structure decided against this cover, but you can enjoy it here. 

phage decoration protein structure 

July 2018
BK presents at the Protein Society Meeting in Boston, and FASEB Virus Assembly meeting in Steamboat Springs CO. 

June 2018 
1st year grad student Emily Agnello does a summer rotation in the Kelch lab. Emily comes from our buddies in the Stratton Lab at UMass Amherst, so we know she already is great. Welcome Emily! 

May 2018
The Kelch lab’s collaborative work with the Schiffer lab is published in Scientific Reports. Congrats to the ever-awesome T. Silvas and all other co-authors. See the paper here

April 2018
BK presents at the University of Arizona and Pew Scholars Meeting. Thanks to UofA Biochemistry students for the invite!

Also, Kelch Lab grad student Janelle Hayes presents her work at the ASBMB Annual Meeting in San Diego CA. Great Job Janelle! 

March 2018 
First year grad student Joe Magrino joins the lab. Woohoo! Welcome Joe! 

Also, postdoc extraordinaire Christl Gaubitz is awarded an Advanced Postdoc Mobility Fellowship from the Swiss National Science Foundation! Congrats Christl!!

November 2017
Nick Stone’s preprint on phage decoratiton protein structure, stability and evolution goes online at bioRxiv. You can see it here.  

October 2017 
Kelch Lab grad student Nick Stone wins poster award at the 14th Annual North Eastern Structure Symposium held at UConn. Congrats Nick! 

September 2017
BK presents the work of the lab at University of Connecticut Health Center and Brandeis University. Thanks to invitations from Dmitry Korzhnev and Timo Street! 

August 2017 
1st year students Joe Magrino and Shivani Nanda begin their rotations in the Kelch Lab. Welcome! 

August 2017
Grad student Nick Stone presents at the XXV Conference on Phage/Virus Assembly. Great job Nick! 

May 2017 
BK presents the work of the lab at Johns Hopkins University. Thanks to the invitation from Christian Kaiser and Bob Johnston. 

April 2017 
BK presents the work of the lab at Wesleyan University. Thanks to invitation from Manju Hingorani.

BK also presents on virus motor mechanism at the ASBMB Annual meeting in Chicago. 

April 2017
Kelch lab’s collaborative work with the Schiffer lab is published in Nature Communications. Congrats to T. Kuono and all other co-authors. See the paper here

March 2017
Grad student Janelle Hayes is awarded an NRSA predoctoral fellowship in recognition of her great accoplishments and potential as a budding scientist! 
Congrats, Janelle! 

January 2017
Brendan Hilbert, postdoc extraordinaire, scores a sweet job as a Scientist at Genzyme! Sad for us, great for Brendan, and even better for Genzyme! 
Bon Voyage, Brendan! 

December 2016
Our paper on terminase interactions with DNA and nuclease regulation is published in Nucleic Acids Research. Read it here. 

November 2016
Janelle scores in the top 6% on her F31 NRSA fellowship application. Congrats Janelle! 

October 2016
Brian is recognized by the American Cancer Society with an ACS Research Scholar Award! Read about it here. 

October 2016
Our first prepint goes live on BioRxiv! We determine that the terminase motor functions by binding DNA primarily through its ATPase domain, and flexible linkage to the nucelase domain provides a simple mechanism of nuclease regulation. Download it here. 

October 2016
The Massachusetts Center for High-Resolution Cryo-EM officially opens with a great CryoEM Symposium! Woohoo! Learn about it  here. 

September 2016
1st year grad student Sarah Davis rotates in the lab. Welcome Sarah! 

August 2016
Caroline Duffy PhD joins Sanofi Genzyme! We'll miss ya Duff! 

July 2016
Caroline Duffy successfully defends her thesis work. First Kelch Lab PhD granted!! 

Woohoo!! Congrats Duff! 

June 2016
Christl Gaubitz PhD joins us as the newest Kelch Lab member. Christl comes from University of Geneva where she worked with Robbie Loewith on TOR complex structure/function. Welcome Christl! 

Daniel Hidalgo joins us as a rotation student. Welcome Daniel! 

May 2016
Brendan Hilbert wins the Postdoctoral Mentoring Award for his work mentoring trainees such as grad students and other postdocs (and even some faculty!). A well deserved award! See it here 

April 2016
Duffy's paper on PCNA gets the cover of JMB. Lord of the rings style! JMB calls it "one of the best covers we've ever published." See it here 

February 2016
Brian's invited review of clamp loader and sliding clamp mechanism is accepted at Biopolymers. Check it out here. This is part of a special issue on ATPases and GTPases; should be great lineup of articles/reviews! 

December 2015
Caroline's paper is accepted at the Journal of Molecular Biology! Check it out here at JMB. Congratulations Duffy and Brendan! 

December 2015
HHMI announces the funding for a second Cryo-EM scope to be installed in our new high-resolution EM facility! A Talos Arctica is comin' to town! Another great collaborative effort by UMMS researchers, including BK. 

July 2015
Our paper is published in PNAS! We propose new structural/mechanistic models for how DNA is pumped by the terminase packaging motors of viruses. Check out the story from UMassMedNow

June 2015
Nick and Janelle both pass their qualifying exams! Congrats PhD candidates! 

Kelch Lab joins twitter. Internet beware. 

May 2015
Brian is interviewed by NatureJobs regarding the challenges on starting a new lab. Check it out here

April 2015
The Massachusetts Life Science Center officially awards UMMS and HMS $5 million for the creation of the Massachusetts Center for High Resolution Electron Cryo-Microscopy to be housed here at UMMS. A great team of folks worked (and are still working) very hard to make this happen! 

July 2014
Brian is named a Pew Scholar

May 2014
Janelle and Nick join the lab. Woohoo! 

Feb. 2014
Caroline Duffy Joins the lab! 
Brian's crystal structures of the clamp loader:DNA:sliding clamp complex is chosen to represent AAA+ proteins as one of the highlights of 54 years of macromolecular crystallography

Jan. 2014
Brendan Joins the lab as the first postdoc! Brendan was well-trained by UMMS colleagues Bill Royer and Celia Schiffer. Welcome Brendan! 

Mar. 2013
Brian receives a Worcester Foundation Grant from the Hudson Hoagland Society! 

That's all folks