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Gene Therapy Center

Horae Gene Therapy Center

The Horae Gene Therapy Center (HGTC) at UMass Chan Medical School has solidified its position as a world leader in in vivo gene therapy. The Center’s world leading faculty bring together expertise from a range of scientific and medical disciplines to push the boundaries of Adeno-associated Virus (AAV) vector and other gene delivery techniques and to uncover the mechanisms of rare and common diseases so that the promise of gene therapy can be realized for as many patients as possible. The HGTC, a powerhouse of AVV technology and development, is well positioned to lead the way in developing new gene therapies for many diseases that are currently untreatable, thereby changing the landscape of healthcare worldwide.

Viral Vector Core

Gene delivery vectors are essential components of gene therapy design and development and can be viewed as the driving engine behind progress in the gene therapy field. Viral Vector Core at HGCT – a world class supplier of high-quality research grade viral vectors is an indispensable unit of HGTC, serving to elevate our reputation among academic and industrial users throughout the world, driving gene therapy research at UMass Chan Medical School and around world.

Currently recruiting for Research Lab Tech’s, Research Associate’s, and Viral Vector core Research Associates. Please access and learn more about our open positions that are posted to the right of the page.

Please click on Gene Therapy's hiring faculties website links below for access: