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Research Associates

  • Runke Zhou

    Runke Zhou

    Academic Role: Visiting Scholar

    Education: MD/PhD Candidate, West China Medical School of Sichuan University

    Joined the Flotte Lab in 2019

  • Qiushi Tang

    Qiushi Tang

    Academic Role: Sr. Research Scientist

    Education: MS - Biochemistry, Jilin University

    BS - Chemistry, Jilin University 

    Working on recombinant adeno-associated virus (AAV) gene therapy vectors for alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency (AAT). Focusing on dual-function AAV vector to augment wild-type(M-AAT) with simultaneous mutate AAT( Z-AAT) knockdown in a transgenic mouse model. My other focus is on NSG-PiZ  humanized mouse model to provide a platform for future studies of both cell based and genetic therapies of AAT deficiency

    Joined the Flotte Lab in 2001

  • Katelyn Sylvia

    Katelyn Sylvia

    Academic Role: Lab Manager

    Education: BA - Biology, College of the Holy Cross

    Joined the Flotte Lab in 2019

  • Lina Song

    Lina Song

    Academic Role: Research Associate

    Education: BSc - Pharmaceudical Medicine, Ocean University of China

    Joinied the Flotte Lab in 2008

  • Olivia Sears

    Olivia Sears

    Academic Role: Medical Student

    Education: MD Candidate - Class of 2023, University of Massachusetts Medical School                                                        BS -Behavioral Neuroscience and Marine Biology - Northeastern University

    Joined the Flotte Lab in 2019

  • Tommy Nixon

    Tommy Nixon

    Academic Role: Research Technician

    Education: BA - Chemistry, College of the Holy Cross

    Joinied the Flotte Lab in 2019

  • Motahareh Arjomandnejad

    Academic Role: Visiting Scholar